Bonaire Beautiful

Frans brother, photo: PWA/Carter

Beach seekers will be disappointed. There is quite a number of little beaches and bays but no long stratches of sand. One can not have it all... Aruba has the beaches, the casinos, the night life, but they don' t have these fantastic reefs and the interesting marine life. You love birds? Flamingos, Loras (the local green amazon parrot), trupials, parakeets, ospreys, humming birds and many many more. The Flamingo Sanctuary,  the Marine Park, the National Park on the north top of the island, the Sea Turtle Conservation... The stringent environmental legislation on land and sea was the first in the Caribbean. The saltpans became one of the most environment-conscious plants in the world employing solar energy.

And then of course there is windsurfing! The trade winds sweep across Bonaire all year round, averaging 20-25 knots from January to August and 15-20 knots from September to December -- perfect for windsurfing. As sunshine can be guaranteed almost every day, air and water temperature are around 80-85 F, no wetsuits are needed. But don' t forget the sunblock. The Lagoon Sorobon - Lac Bay is approximately 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. The tradewinds from the east entering it directly. The large waves are broken by the coral reefs just outside the bay, while the bay itself is shallow and has flat waters without obstacles -- combined with strong and constant winds -- just perfect! Bonaire is great for everybody who loves nature and tranquillity.

text: Coco Palm Garden/Brigitte, photos: PWA/Carter

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