Astrid Muldoon, F-002

Going (very) Strong

The best day of her life was "turning the spin-loop in Margarita for the first time". One of the most experienced "windgirls".

date of birth: 17th of may on a nice sunny day in Germany
nationality: German
sponsors: Neil Pryde, JP-Australia, Roxy, PatLove, Select, Bollé, GS Mers-les-Bains
best results so far:
2006 PWA worldwide ranking:
5th PWA Super Cross
2005 PWA worldwide ranking:
6th PWA Super Cross
9th PWA Freestyle
13th PWA Wave
2004 : Vice Champion Overall =1st in Freestyle & 2nd in Waves - AFW
1st  in the Wave Contest Magic Expression
2003: Vice Champion in Waves - AFW
1st Wave Contest Magic Expression
1st  in the Wave-Freestyle Event “Naish Wave Party”
2001: 22nd  Overall in the Wave-Freestyle Event “Naish Wave Party”
2000: 5th  in Freestyle “Hookipa/Maui Frenzy Freestyle Competition”
1999: 1st in Freestyle “Freestyle Contest Isla Margarita/Venezuela”
1st  in Slalom & Course Race “Margarita Hi-Winds”
1998: 3rd in Slalom & Course Race “Cabarete Race Week”
3rd in Slalom & Course Race “Margarita Wild-Winds”
2nd in Slalom & Course Race “Campeonato Nacional, Venezuela”
1997: 5th in Slalom & Course Race “Margarita Wild-Winds”
When AND where did you learn how to windsurf?
1992 in Holland (Workum) - nice and shallow, took me forever to learn the waterstart
favorite move: Willy Skipper

favorite discipline: Freestyle - because it´s the most fun to do and to watch.

favorite windsurfing spot: El Yaque for Freestyle and Maui & Morocco for the Waves.

best music: Matmatah, Noir Desir, Shakira, Merengue & Salsa, and a lot more.
last book you´ve read: Assimil - "French without effort"

best film: The Matrix + Sister Act
best food: everything, that´s the problem...
best drink: coco loco
best day of my life: turning the spin-loop in Margarita for the first time.
best vacation: Maui, Morocco, Cabo Verde, Barbados – every place is great!
personal madness and obsessions: to enjoy life every day, because it life is so short

Who are your models in windsurfing? Colette Guadagnino - because she is a nice girl, a good friend - and I enjoyed sailing together with her for 4 years, which pushed me to become better and better...!

What causes you fear? To try the spin-loop on Starboard-Tack and sailing in big Waves!

What makes you laugh? Better What makes you smile: People who enjoy dancing!!

With whom would you like to spend an evening? Whoopy Goldberg
Windsurfing - better than sex? Why?
Well it is the same for me, because first I go windsurfing with my boyfriend and after I have sex with him as well - before or/and after??? Yes I love both - but details I`ll keep for myself! ;-)
Is the sport of windsurfing a macho-sport?
I think so - Yes, it is getting better though. But even most woman are "machos". I think the woman should stay feminin, even if they windsurf good!.
tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1. Go for windsurfing vacation where it is warm, windy and shallow.
2. Take Lessons.
3. To learn windsurfing is very hard, stick thru the beginning, it will become easier after you get better!!

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photos: Astrid Muldoon, Anna Blanch © windgirls 2006