windgirls-portrait: Cecily Kitts, US-36
  photo: sterling  

Cecily about herself:

First and foremost I'm nineteen years old. I have been windsurfing for six years, the last five on Maui. My favorite conditions are BIG waves and light wind... the bigger the better. I have competed in few contests over the last three years. My best results constist of 1st at Jalama High Wind Wave Bash 1998, 2nd overall on the USWA Wave Tour 1998, fourth in the 97 Aloha Classic, 4th in the 98 Dakine Hawaii Wave Challenge, and last week I took 4th behind Jennifer Henderson, Kelly Moore and Jocelin Hrkatch in the '99 Dakine Wave Challenge.

Enough of that boring stuff. I have been on my own for the last two years doing whatever it takes to stay on the water. As well I attend Maui Community College as a Psycology Major. We have a great grom squad consisting of the Siver brothers, Jason Stone, Nina Heiberg and the Moreno Twins (when they are on island). Together we push each other and support each other in our quest to make the new generation seen and heard.

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