Cindy Coopman, NED-166

Dutch Formula Windsurfing champion Cindy Koopman likes windgirls.com magazine for taking girls and women seriously and promises "a lot of pleasure" for future windsurf beginners. Here is her word wrap:
date of birth: 29-09-1976

nationality: Dutch (Netherlands)

student/ windsurfinstructor/ sportsteacher/ primaryschool teacher/ and whatever comes on my way

sponsors: Fanatic, Kater Surf

when and where did you learn the sport:
Ummmmm, let me think...
My father came home with a old windsurf board when I was about 13 years old. He could buy it very cheap from an older person or something like that. We took the board with us on vacation an my father taught me how to windsurf. Off course the first time I started very well but couldn't come back so my dad had to get me what took about two hours.
The next vacations we practiced again and again and after about two or three years I bought my own board and didn't want to go on vacation anymore to any place without water.
best results so far:
IFCA Vice-worldchampion 2002
1st Dutch championships Formula Windsurfing, 2001
8th European championships Sopot, Poland,  2001
3rd Eurocup Lelystad (Holland), 2001

favorite discipline: freestyle and with low wind I like Formula

favorite move: carving pushtack

favorite windsurfing spot: Medemblik/ Oesterdam (Zeeland)/ Aruba

best music: Shakira, Bob Marley

last book you have read: Uhhhhhh, a windsurf magazine or study books

best film: I've got no idea

best food: Indian and my mothers rice with something

best drink: Pina Colada

Who are your models in windsurfing?
I don't really have a model or idol. But there are some people I respect because of the way they are practicing the sport of windsurfing: Steve Allen, Ron Ruiter (NED), Niek van der Linde (NED)

What causes you fear? Too much. If I wasn't that scared of everything I would loop already.

What makes you laugh? watching "Friends" on tv

Windsurfing – better than sex? Why? Hah! Everything is good at it's time!!!

With whom would you like to spend an evening?
Honestly or positive? With my boyfriend of course. Sorry for giving a dull answer.
Is the sport of windsurfing a macho-sport?
No way, maybe from the outside. My experience is a lot of windsurfing people are very nice to hang out with. Always time for a chat (ok, not in between races of course), interested, not to arrogant to answer any questions.
The reason I learned so much in windsurfing the last few years is because other windsurfers helped me by showing me tricks, adviseed me how to tune my sails, take time to wait at the end of the lag so we can start together again, etcetera. I am very thankful for that.
What do you think about the PWA-tour?
Actually I don't really know all about it. I'm not a PWA sailor.
What do you like about the "windgirls"-mag?
I like that it is all about girls making it in such a male dominated sport and not just about girls in bikinis with skinny arms and pretty smiles.
Three tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1. Go and take lessons at a good windsurf school with new material (big, wide boards and small sails) and driven, diplomatic teachers who have a lot of experience with teaching.
2. Try to find someone else to go with you. Because alone is just alone.
3. Don't think you can learn from a friend, family member or other relative unless they are diplomatic teachers. Usually they don't have the right equipment, don't have the patience, don't have teacherskills and don't have the right lessons.
Like learning how to snowboard the best way is to have about 5-10 lessons and than practise yourself. It will cost you some money, but after that you have had a lot of pleasure and good skills and knowledge to go on yourself. Besides a teacher can advise you what equipment to buy. Go on and see it is fun!!

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