Pozo brutal: Daida Ruano Moreno wins at home

In early july the PWA-tour made it's first stop at the canaries. Pozo, the home of the Ruano Moreno twins, is certainly the windiest event site on the tour.

The first woman's elimination was won by Daida Moreno outsailing Dutch sailor Lucienne Ernst in the final with a brave and radical display of forward-, backward- and push loops. Iballa Moreno defeated Tony Frey in the losers final and it has to be said that the women sailed incredibly well considering the absolutely ballistic conditions.

Winner Daida Ruano Moreno:

"Yeah! I am very happy! Oh man, I was on a 3.0 and it was too windy. A lot of guys were on 2.9s and they could hardly hang on. I am stoked, it is my first big win! I am totally happy!"

In the next women's final (it was double elimination!) Pozo local, Daida Moreno consolidated her victory yesterday by winning the double elimination final against Dutch sailor Lucienne Ernst. In the losers final Iballa Moreno took third position by defeating Tony Frey in a closely fought battle.

In the second women's elimination it was Daida Moreno once again with her radical style who took the final convincingly beating a brave performance from Dutch sailor Lucienne Ernst. Third position went to Karin Jaggi who defeated Tony Frey in the losers final. The women will have earned themselves a great amount of respect today for their ability to compete and cope in what can only be described as "total survival conditions".

Many of the spectators were particularly impressed with the standard of the womens fleet in general this year and the scores of Daida Moreno apparently were higher than all but a few of the male wave sailors!


1) Daida RUANO MORENO, E-64
2) Lucienne ERNST, H-444
3) Antonia FREY, GR-1
4) Karin JAGGI, Z-14
5) Iballa RUANO MORENO, E-63
6) Colette GUADAGNINO, V-711
7) Nicole BORONAT, E-77
7) Ulrike HÖLZL, AUT-123
9) Anne-Marie REICHMAN, H-98
9) Nina HEIBERG, N-10


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