windgirls-word wrap: Cornelia van der Schilden, H-95
  Date of birth: august 21st 1971

Nationality: German and Dutch

Lorch Boards, Maui Magic

Windsurfing since: 1985, I grew up near a small lake. Windsurfing was very popular in Holland that time, almost everybody had a board, the lake was very crowded. One day my parents bought a board for me and my two sisters, rather to play around than to windsurf. But it came different. The first week I spent on the water every single day, until I was able to sail in both directions. From the first moment I was enthusiastic with this sport and I am still.

Best results so far:

Top 3 racing in Holland 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
7. place IFCA EM in Poland 1997
12. place IFCA WM in Spain 1998
6. place  PWA Indoor 1998
8. place PWA World Cup Freestyle, Dutch Formula Windsurfing Champion, third place Dutch Racing Championships, 10th place PWA Racing Year-ranking

Favorite discipline: In fact I have no favorite discipline, I like almost any way of windsurfing. I think that's because I used to mix everything from my first day on the water. In Holland everything concentrates on all kinds of racing. But I love to sail in the waves, too and I am always interested to try something new, like freestyle.

Cornelia at the freestyle worldcup in Fuerteventura Favorite move: Air jibe

Favorite windsurfing spot: Almost any place with 2-meter-waves, side-shore wind and beautiful weather.  ...usually flat water and planning conditions are OK for me.

Best music: Oleta Adams, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley

Last book you have read: "Brave Mädchen kommen in den Himmel, schlechte überall hin"

Best film: There are some of them, but one I liked a lot was "The Horsewisperer."

Best food: food from my mom

Best drink: tea and vodka-lemon

Who are your models in windsurfing:

Karin Jaggi. It's super motivating to sail with her. I learned a lot from her in a few days only.

What causes you fear: Bad injuries. I have been badly hurt some weeks ago, for the first time in my life. After I recovered from that I thought I had come over it, but my first day in the waves at home after the accident I felt some sort of panic when I fell. The nasty thing was that the injury happened when I did quite an easy move. Then you think it could happen again at any time and you start being "careful", even for things that were no problem before at all...

What makes you laugh: funny situations and friends, with whom I can be foolish

With whom would you like to spend an evening: What kind of question is that? ;-)

What do I like about the windgirls mag: The respect and the recognition women get in the windgirls-mag. Finally there's someone to take us for serious, not only talking and promising, but really helping us! Simply great!

Three tips for beginners: Believe in you, don't care what other people (the boys) say. The only thing that counts is the fun you have. If a new move you are trying doesn't work at once, take the time and just keep trying. Once you learned it, everything looks so easy and you won't understand why it didn't work before.

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