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format: Pal & NTSC
duration: 38 min. (main movie)
music: Frank Hoffmann, Behind the Behind, Prime
price: 19,90 Euros


  • Ricardo Campello
  • Cheo Diaz
  • Gollito Estredo
  • Remko de Weerd
  • Antxion Otaegui
  • Andre Paskowski
  • Normen Guenzlein
7 Sons of Freestyle + Loop Bonus

New school Freestyle windsurfing at the highest level is what the continentseven team promised before releasing their debut film "7 Sons of Freestyle". And they delivered. "7 Sons" stands for seven extraordinary freestyle windsurfers, all ripping in their own styles and sections. In an interview the freestyle world champion Ricardo Campello explains why El Yaque is the cradle for aspiring world champions. Ricardo's sparring partners Cheo Diaz and Gollito Estredo together with half local Remko de Weerd, newcomer Antxion Otaegui from Lanzarote and German top riders Andre Paskowski and Normen Guenzlein all grabbing deep into their bag of tricks.

The film is set in the freestyle Mecca El Yaque and the neighbouring isle of Coche. Great: Most of the action is filmed from the water. And you get in both: As the featured pros define the current level of state of the art windsurfing, they also give insights about their life in El Yaque. (althought not all the pros are able to pronounce the name of their harbouring village correctly...).

The main movie, 38 minutes long, comes with two bonus tracks, of which the first one is a quite useful addition for everybody who wants to learn the spinloop, as Remko de Weerd explains in 4 steps how to stick spinloops fast and safely. And he does it the "wymaroo" way - just watch and try!

Additionally a part of the Fanatic Production "Newave" is included, too.

What about "windgirls" action? Well business as usual, as the "7 sons" are not accompanied by a "daughter". Nevertheless the dvd provides a lot of up-to-date freestyle windsurfing action, a lot of El Yaque atmosphere, good music and - last but not least - a very interesting "learn the spinloop" bonus.

Curious? This trailer shows you more: www.continentseven.com/7sons.php