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available through  www.windsurfingkamasutra.com
format: DVD/NTSC/Stereo/Multichannel
duration: 202 minutes
price: 45 Euros (PayPal possible)
VARIETY ZERO: Beginner's & jibe guide. A didactic how-to-windsurf video from the first steps to the first moves and much more. Four languages (english, deutsch, franšais, espa˝ol)
VARIETY: The classic moves (150 moves).
VARIETY2evolution: The next level (90 more moves).
VARIETY3000: The future was yesterday. The last 164 moves plus footage of Speed, SuperX, Wave, Freestyle, Indoor, a Moreno twins special, a Douglas Diaz and Ricardo Campello &friends special, a Double loop and Pozo special, crashes and funny never seen action about windsurfing.
Dr. Beat's Windsurfing Kamasutra
404 moves with fresh and radical action on the water and a whole bunch of good humor. Beat "Dr. Beat" Stefan, Swiss born freestyler and North/Mistral manager, has produced a dvd with a truly encyclopedic attitude. Hot new moves like the barracuda (willy skipper duck jibe) or the semi shaka (airborne heli tack) as well as classics like duck jibes and table tops - they are all there.
Sure, everybody will find some of the moves boring, but hey, there are at least 20 hot temptations for windsurfers at any level. And you don't read your whole lexicon either, do you? Tip: Have a look on "classic" moves like the beat tack, one of Beat's signature moves, still one of the fastest and most fun tacks out there, that can hardly ever be seen on the water.
Really useful is a small booklet that comes with the dvd, listing every single move and its exact position on the dvd. Concerning the choice of the dvd cover photo - lets throw a cloak of silence over it... :-)
"The best video." There's almost nobody in the professional windsurfing scene that has not been invited, persuaded or "forced" to comment Beat's 4 videos, which are all on this dvd. Beat's funny mantra of questionning is a glimpse of the good sense of humor that is always present on this dvd.

What about "windgirls" action? Well there is some, which materialises in the form of a "Moreno twins special", which is well worth watching for RADICAL action like one foot frontloops. And - at least for some people - perhaps also because the twins, Dr. Beat's good friends, open their "private" photo album for a few seconds. So after all not enough womens windsurfing action, but still more than on most other videos/dvds.

If you buy this dvd, it will make you smile, leave you mouth open, and - most important - improve your windsurfing.

Curious? The trailer (2 min) shows you more: www.windsurfingkamasutra.com/KamasutraTrailer.mov