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format: Pal, duration: 33 min.
price: 25 euros (+ 5 shipping)

"The WENDIGO is a monster that comes from the coldest place. It is hungry, always hungry. And its hunger is never satisfied. The more it eats the bigger it gets. And the bigger it gets, the hungrier it gets." Nice. But the mythical monster WENDIGO also serves as an eponym for a classic snowkiting dvd, that has already gained cult status in the scene. So if you (still) got enough snow, know how to handle a kite and need some inspiration in advance, WENDIGO might be just the perfect movie for you.

The dvd takes you to locations like Berninapass/Engadin/Switzeland, Hardangervidda/Geilo/ Norway, Col du Lautaret/France or Idaho/USA and is considered to be the best snowkiting dvd ever by many snowkiters, especially in Europe. The mixture of breathtaking downhill kiteloops ten meters above the ground, relaxed cruising atmo and the spirit of the WENDIGO make this dvd a must for every snowkiter.

Curious? This trailer shows you more: http://www.gogglebox.ch/wendigo/trailer.htm

featuring: Patrick Koller, Fabio Ingrosso, Guilliaume Chastagnol, Fabrice Tripier, Matthieu Blanchard, Bjorn Kaupang, Laurent Benamon