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The Easy-Uphaul
lean back... and relax! Just like Anouk Raaphorst... close look at the Easy-Uphaul

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"I asked ... what they thought about the product and everyone had similar comments: 'the quickest way to get back up when the sail falls away from you', 'much easier to clear the sail from the water', 'saves energy', much easier on my back'".
(Roy Tansill, Corpus
Christi Windsurfing
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Over 5.000 Easy-Uphauls have been sold in North America and Japan so far, another 500 have been sold in other countries via the internet. While the Easy-Uphaul is well known in the United States, Europe offers huge potential for the (patented) product. The Easy-Uphaul is used by an increasing number of athletes/racers in both Olympic Class and Formula Windsurfing. And, as we found out very soon, appreciated almost wherever windsurfing novices uphaul a sail using the increasingly popular tool.

How to get started. Before you can use your Easy-Uphaul you just have to fix the top rope to your boom and the elastic cord to the base of your mast. Finally you only have to adjust the length of the Easy-Uphaul using the buckle, in order to perfectly fit your height and the height of your boom. Why is this so important? If your Easy-Uphaul is set too short, you will feel that you are going to fall into your sail. If it's set too long, you will lean back and ... absolutely nothing will happen. Once attached to your boom, the Easy-Uphaul is ready for future use on the water!

Your sail is now in the water - in downwind position (as shown in the photos below). You are standing on the board with the wind at your back. Grab the nylon webbing, stretch it towards you and put the white loop over your harness hook – it will be much easier if you bend your knees. Then lean back. If your Easy-Uphaul is set correctly you begin in a comfortable, leaning back posture, and as you continue to lean back you can watch your sail rise without effort. Note: The Easy-Uphaul works with seat, waist and chest harnesses! And another good news: No need to pay attention how to get the Easy-Uphaul off your harness. It falls off your harness hook, as soon as the mast comes up.

Summary: The Easy-Uphaul is an easy-to-use addition to every windgirls' equipment bag. It saves power and frustration, especially for beginners and racers with big, heavy sails. The Easy-Uphaul is the servo-steering for our sails. We highly recommend it.

1. faster than a normal uphaul or even waterstart
2. less work, more fun
3. faster learning
progression (harness!)
4. saves back,
reduces muscle strains
5. more safety
1. beginners
2. racers with large sails
3. intermediates who uphaul frequently
4. windsurfers with little uphauling strength
(kids, seniors)
5. instructors
1. top rope to boom
2. elastic cord to
3. set length with buckle
4. hook in
5. lean back
6. finish by hands
7. sail away

Ordering information:

The Easy-Uphaul is sold in windsurfing shops in the USA, Canada and Japan. In other countries, the Easy-Uphaul can be ordered online. The retail price is $ 32.00, orders on the website include free airmail postage. Delivery takes about one week worldwide.

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