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Hi windgirls (and -boys)!

"I love this site! I am a windgirl! I windsurf all the time here in Canada. I am 12 now and I started last year! Hang Loose!" – Cassie Hawkes for sure is one of our youngest readers. Facing her enthusiasm for the sport, helping her to find some role models, making her feel the joy we all feel: That's what WINDGIRLS is all about. That's why we produce it.

French girl Coralie shares the dream. "I'm 16 and I windsurf in France. In 2001 I finished 3rd on the french championship... So I would like to do one or two PWA next year. Could you tell me how much is the engagement and what I need?" Nobody else but a champ like Karin Jaggi took the time to answer Coralies questions and to help her. Reading windgirls pays off. It makes you part of a big family.

A reader from Denmark writes: "I`m amazed... Most other sites are so macho or use-our-gear-only-like. What I like most on your mag is the attempt and innerly desire to HELP and CARE for your fellow wind sisters...GREAT. KEEP THAT UP. I bet that many of the macho guys are envious like h... Still working on the heavy task of getting my own wife interested in this great sport I might just let this site be open next time I leave the computer..." Good idea, Per! And Seb assists: "I have to show this to my girlfriend. She´s thinking about learning to surf!"

To our pleasure men also seem to like our magazine! And even a daddy like Mark. He wrote: "I'm trying to promote windsurfing to my little girls. They were surprised and now ask to go to this site!"

And the following message reached us from a "windgirl" from Cape Cod, USA: "I just opened this page for the first time and can't wait to go back & print every page so I can read it in the car while my son dresses for his hockey game. Then I'll go in & watch the game. I could cry/ I am actually, to know there's a magazine for girls. Windsurfing is my favorite sport & I'm 46. Have been sailing about 15 years. Gotta go & copy some pages. Thanks!!!!"

You just have to look up our guestbook (and sign it!) to read more enthusiastic comments. And when a journalist's dream comes true in such an emotional way, what else can you do but smile. And keep up the work. We will.

Aloha, Andy