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Flash, photo: Roberto Foresti "If you could be here, if you could see her face, look into her "angel eyes" and somehow partake of her mortal pain, certainly it would grip you in the truest sense, that anything could. For this loss l weep and I believe the angels cry."
Carolina Diaz:
Dreams in jeopardy, can you help a young injured kiteboarder?

by Marcus "Flash" Austin, kiteboarding legend and Carolinas friend


Carolina Diaz was a young gifted athlete, living in the small fishing village of El Yaque, Venezuela. Blessed with a natural rhythm for life, and a talent for wind and sport, she aspired to be a notable professional kiteboarder by the time she was 18 years of age. Mid-stream in to her promising kiting career, three weeks after her 16th birthday, a tragic combination of unforeseen risks and bad luck, converged to ensnare this innocont girl into unwittingly throwing "caution to the wind' ultimately, gambling on a scale greater than she ever could have imagined.

Carolina Diaz

Raised on the Margarita coastline, her family's family has always, somehow managed to make due on a "popers wages" by their daily labors, and subsequent fruits from the adjacent sea. House and home is a dirt floor shanty, the size of a small shed, where two families live as one. Her mom is single mother, struggling to raising 4 teens and an additional newly born of 2 years. Times have always been tough, and they never have been able to afford to rent a shanty of their own. Just look into the worrisome eyes of grandma, wreathing hands weathered with hardships of time and work. Around here, your hands' work to make your way through this world. These hands work to make this a home, and home is whereever the children can be coveted, and proper like. Money is not in supply but, morals are the demand.

For the last decade, a wind seeking tourist population, has slowly filtered in. Transtorming this fishing village into a hotbed of windsport activities. Grand hotels casting a deserts shadow across old childhood playgrounds. Progress does as progress will, the resulting offects, and sweeping changes, have forever altered the corse of these children's lives, in this otherwise sparsely populated and somewhat arid place. lmprossed and inspired by the comings-and-goings of many pro's and vacationers, who frequented this windswept coastline, Carolina grew up acutely aware of the limitlessness of "our big world". Watching several of her childhood playmates grow up and make it to the "big time" with their windsurfing talents, she wished with all her heart to live that "kind of life".

Carolina was a natural water woman, breaming with talent. A natural talent easy for all to see. This explains why nearly everybody that came into contact with her, was more than willing to help. To help her to reach for her true potential one day. A cup of potential so full in it's capacity, that for this young women the world was a well spring of fascination. Her future wide open, full of hope and overflowing with promises. She exudes a vibrance that can only come from a truly carefree soul full of joys and laughter, eyes of like "precious black pearls", and a smile so infectious, it lights up a well lite room. For Carolina the future precariously waltzed between the boarders of two drastically separate worlds, and up until now that world was still a wonderful, wonderful place.

The accident is a tragedy in every sense. lt came with a sharp mortal pain, that's like the which, this poor girl could never have imagined was humanly possible. The details are supercilious in comparison to the hard reality of the aftermath. A bleak and painful aftermath saturated with the intensity and emotion of such a great loss. The loss is greater than could ever be put a dollar amount upon. The tragedy is not the money or in this case the lack of it. The tragedy is the loss of a young girls life, as it should have been. Everything and all, it could've been. Even greater is the loss, that she may never be able to walk again, never able to achieve any of those former dreams, of her not so distant youth. Dreams of an ever present hope with every new horizon, of a better life coming. A dream forged by so many, who saw so much in this young lady, so much good will and happiness, even in this estranged third world she calls home.

She had her sights set so high and then, without warning, the whole world came crashing down. And with it forever broken the one thing that made it so special, a girl with a lot of love and a life so precious, that the gift of it had to be given, by the glory of GOD and his angels in heaven. If you could be here, if you could see her face, look into her "angel eyes" and somehow partake of her mortal pain, certainly it would grip you in the truest sense, that anything could. For this loss l weep and I believe the angels cry.

Her future has been dealt a serious blow from which she may never recover. A reality so cruel that most of us cant even comprehend it. Much less be willing to take her place. We still have a glimmer of a chance to change this whole thing around, and help her to one day walk again, because the first two operations were performed without hesitance, that chance to walk again is very real. At present, because of the prompt and unselfish giving of others, she is on that path of recovery the signs are semi-positive. She is daily doing rehabilitatory work with good doctors. Doctors that are now pretty much her vital hope. She needs the help from those doctors and from you !!! It is a legitimste cause for all who are willing to contribute to a purely humanitarian effort. In some unknown way karma will return the good deed done...

Carolina is tremendously greatful for all of those of who have helped her. From the bottom of her heart, from the deepest places of her kindly soul, she glows with an affectionate gratitude, that words simply cannot convey.




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