Two winner
take it all



Two "windgirls" share this year's freestyle crown:
Tony Frey and Karin Jaggi


Tony: backside stylin'
Tony Frey, world champ:
sail trick
Fuerteventura: nuclear winds and turquoise water. 6 eliminations were held in perfect, partly flat, partly choppy conditions, and sometimes some logo-high waves were a nice playground.

The table top into forward loop shown by Colette Guadagnino or Daida's spocks are proof enough: compared to last year the level of female freestyling has definitely increased. It was fun to watch Karin's stylish performance, Tony's freestyle variations and the radical heats from the twins and Colette. And last but not least the lake-windgirls like Babsy and Tanja, doing just as well as the pros.

Karin's new move: The 'Stall Tack'
Karin Jaggi, world champ: stall tack


Fuerteventura Baby!

very nice ... ( Josh STONE)

Daida highlights... 

spocks (on the water, with red lycra)
hot dance (at the party, with Jimmy)
chair throwing (in the marquee after a quarrel)
family (parents came from Gran Canaria)
twins (only Daida started in both disciplines)
team spirit (with Micah, Cisco, Jimmy)


Daida, won three rounds and never finished worse than 3rd place and therefore won the Fuerteventura event, defending her red leader-lycra almost the whole week.

After both the Austrian and the Fuerteventura freestyle, Tony and Karin had gathered exactly the same amount of points for the 2000 world title: Long live the two freestyle queens!

The racing was dominated by Lucienne Ernst from Holland.


PWA Freestyle World Championship 2000

1 Tony Frey GR-1
1 Karin Jaggi Z-14
3 Colette Guadagnino V-711
4 Tanja Emig AUT-0
4 Babsy Strasser G-1
6 Cornelia Van der Schilden H-95
7 Julia Deutsch AUT-541
8 Ann Kathrin Stevens G-200
9 Claudia Rankel AUT-33


PWA Grand Slam Fuerteventura 2000


1 Daida Moreno E64
2 Karin Jaggi Z-14
3 Tony Frey GR-1
4 Iballa Moreno E63
5 Colette Guadagnino V-711
6 Babsy Strasser G-1
7 Tanja Emig AUT-0
7 Cornelia Van der Schilden H-95
9 Julia Deutsch AUT-541
10 Claudia Rankel AUT-33
10 Ann Kathrin Stevens G-200



1 Lucienne Ernst H-444
2 Karin Jaggi Z-14
3 Colette Guadagnino V-711


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text and photos: Andy Aichinger; windgirls 2000