windgirls-portrait: Iballa Ruano Moreno, E-63
  photo: Reinhard Mueller

About Iballa

(may 1999)




I was born on december 1st 1977. My hobbies include surfing, biking, basket ball, running, watching TV, my friends, my family... I am studying sport at the university. And I am windsurfing. It is difficult to combine everything, because I am travelling so much.

photo: Team Tillmanns

But I like to keep it busy and my mind active. I like to read interesting books when I have time. I like fiction action.
I like all kinds of music depending on my mood. "Fat Boy Slim" and "Prodigy" before sailing, other kinds of music afterwards.
The best film I saw lately was "The Matrix". It was pretty good.
I don't care where I go as long as I am going out with friends and I am having fun.
Boyfriends are a waste of time and space.
(written by her boyfriend Scott Fenton!)

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"We do need more women in the sport"

Iballa Ruano speaks of fear, models, groupies and the headline of her dreams. An exclusive windgirls-interview. By Andy Aichinger.


? More beautiful than Jenna, better than Jessica, more professional than Jutta (SURF-headline May 98). What is the headline of your dreams?

! "The most radical windsurfer on the planet!"
? You have learned windsurfing in Pozo, have been hurt several times.
Is there anything left that you fear?

! Every day is different and you always have to risk a lot if you want to improve your sailing. I think we have to leave the fear aside and just go for it.

? What is your favourite windsurfing-spot – besides Pozo?

! Well, I think that Maui is a very good place too. A combination of Maui and Pozo is perfect.

? Is it sometimes hard for you to be in the men's shade? Do you have the impression that the girl's performance is not given proper attention?

! Sometimes it is hard for us. In the past it has been difficult to be a woman in this sport. But right now there is a really cool bunch of girls doing it and we are pushing pretty hard for ourselves and for women windsurfers in general.
As we get better and better there is less of a shadow and we get more and more respect from the men. We do need more women in the sport that believe in themselves and help us to push our side of the sport. So give it a go!!!

? Some people don't think that the girl's windsurfing provides radical action? What do you answer such people?

! They obviously have not seen us sail!

? What do you think of events like the Soulwave in Klitmoeller?

! They are good! Good action, good conditions, good parties!

? Which move is – at the moment – the biggest challenge for you?

! At the moment I try to do all the moves, but the one I am trying the most is the "Spock".

? Do you have any models?

! Everyone on the water that sails good. I look at all the people and learn from them. But I also like to watch videos and magazines.

? A new generation is coming up. What is the main difference to the generations before?

! I think we are part of the new generation. And I think we are coming with more motivation. We want to push the limits of women's sailing.

? Freestyle seems to be the most dynamic discipline at the moment. Is freestyle the future of windsurfing?

! Yes, definitly. I think that freestyle is going to be part of the future of windsurfing, because it is within reach of more people, on a lake or in a harbour.
I would love to come to the Austrian freestyle event next year!

We want to push the limits of women's sailing.

? Since the first trial-event in Fuerteventura you had no chance to "freestyle" on the tour. This year there may be the second chance at Sotaveno. Do you train all the new moves like air tacks, volcans, willy skippers and so on?

! Yes, I try all the moves. I like to do freestyle when there are no waves. In freestyle you need to be with a lot of imagination.

? Which move do you consider to be more difficult? A pushloop in Pozo or a "Spock" on flat water?

! At the moment a spock is harder for me.

? I'm sure your look attracts many groupies. Can you imagine to "go for it" like some of the boys do?

! Yes, I think so... Of course I am a good girl. I was brought up well and this is not my style!

? Which are your best friends/comrades at the tour?

! Daida, Tony Frey, Cecily Kitts, Nina Heiberg and many more.

? If you have the choice: Do you prefer Pozo or Maui?

! I like Pozo for port tack and Maui for starbord tack. They are both good. But Pozo is my home, so probably Pozo.
? One of your biggest competitors is your twin sister. Can you describe this special form of rivalry? What is the main difference between you both?

! It is not bad rivalry but a good one. We push each other and both want to be better but at the end of the day we are sisters and good friends. So there is no bitterness about who is better than the other.
The main difference between my sister and me is our character. We look the same to most people, but we are really different.

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