windgirls-word wrap: Kelly Moore, US-6
  Kelly and a ... cat! date of birth: 21/1/1969

nationality: Canadian

sponsors: Red Bull, Gaastra, Sailboards Maui, Chinook
Da Kine, Maui Fin Co.
windsurfing since: 1987
best results so far: 1995 Aloha Classic - 1st place
Da Kine Wave Classic - 1st place

favorite discipline: Wave
favorite move: Aerial off the lip

favorite windsurfing spot:

best music: Reggae

last book you have read: A prayer for Owen Meany (John Irvimg)

best film: It's a beautiful Life
best food: Seared Ahi
best drink: White chocolate double Cappucino

Who are your models in windsurfing? Keith Teiboul, Jason Polakow

What causes you fear? Drowning in big waves, losing my brother & sister

What makes you laugh? Being silly with Nina, watching little kids

With whom would you like to spend an evening?
Bob Marley, My grandmother whom I never met, Nelson Mandela,... so many people I can't name them all.
Why is the sport of windsurfing so "machista"? Windsurfing is intimidating to women b/c there is so much gear invlolved and it can be physically challenging, very frustrating to learn and dominated by men.

What do you like about the "windgirls"-mag?
I just love the whole concept of a women's magazine offering women windsurfers the attention they deserve.

Three tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:

Patience- learning is frustrating and challenging... don't be hard on yourself if you think you aren't getting better... every time you go out there you learn even if you never get up at all.

Persistence- don't give up... it will get easier even though it may seem impossible. Keep trying!

Make sure your gear is suited for you and rigged properly. Don't let the guys do everything for you, rather let them show you how and then do it yourself!!!

Kelly beim Aloha Classic '99

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