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Kyra Köster has spent her childhood on a beach, that is windier than most other places on earth. A beach, that's so rough, wild and of bizarre beauty, that it took a real pioneer and enthusiast like Rolf Köster and his wife Linda to make this place a home for a family. For Kyra and her younger brother Philip (of whom we all will hear very often in the future) this beach, Vargas, on the island of Gran Canaria has been a perfect windsurfing playground. In the beginning multiple world champion Karin Jaggi, also a frequent guest at Vargas beach, had used to lend Kyra her old equipment. In 2007 Kyra was already welcomed in the F2 "rebel team", Karin praised Kyras "self-confident and cheeky style" then. Currently Kyra uses Neil Pryde sails, with her new board sponsor Starboard ready to support her. Just a few months before her debut on the PWA tour she gave magazine this interview. She says: "We will be as good as the guys one day."
Kyra, you will finish school very soon, right? What's next?
Yes I will finally finish school in April and I am really happy about it! After finishing school I will do what I like to, like doing sports, spending time with friends and preparing myself to compete on the worldtour. And I will inform myself about studying in Germany.
When will you give your debut on the PWA tour? What are your goals? And which sponsors will support you?
I guess my first competition will be in Pozo this year. I will give my best and try to win against some girls. I have Starboard now and Neil Pryde.
How do you train, how do you make progress and improve your windsurfing the best way? Which moves do you train right now?
I usually train together with my brother Philip and with Karin Dornbusch when she is in Gran Canaria (she is the best trainer for me !). And some friends like John Skye or Nayra Alonso, they all are very helpful. I am still training the landing of the backloop, in wintertime we don't have good winds for small boards very often, so it takes time.
I guess you won’t be able to join your brother Philip, who will be going to Australia and Maui soon?
No, I will have to stay at home and learn for my last exams, while my little brother is ripping some waves at some great beaches. But it's ok!
And now the tough question: Why is your brother Philip even better than you in windsurfing, why are men (very often) performing somehow better than the girls? What do you think?
My brother is better than me, because he is the one who's always on the water (he has got the time). And he is not scared hurting himself, I think that's often like that guys usually just do the moves, and girls are more careful. But we will do as good as them someday!! I am sure.

The Koesters beginnings at Vargas, dad Rolf flying high, Andy entering the water back in 1993

"Good old days: Back in july of 1993 (man, Kyra was just 2 years old then!!!) I first got the chance to sail at Vargas beach. Really high winds, I remember that I was pretty nervous, but that I just loved it. And I even did fall in love with this bone-like, rough beach. And even the poor ruin we placed our tents in was kind of ok for a windsurf addict those days. We saw Rolf Koester (Kyras and Philips dad; find Kyras mum Linda here! ) flying higher than anyone else, we met Patrik Diethelm (who became one of the top F2 names in the meantime, Patrik: "I spent many summers living in their house on the beach and it was Rolf that showed me how to repair boards – so this is kind of where my career started."), who then had to look after the Koesters familys house during the night. Which meant we had some pretty nice partying there. But that's a different story...

Andy, editor magazine

Did you grow up in Vargas? Can you tell us what childhood on this great beach (I mean it!) was like?
Yeah, Vargas is really great. As long as I remember I have been in touch with this great sport, and as you probably know, it's very windy here, so you have to make the best of it, and that's windsurfing!
Will your windsurfing in the future be even better than eg. Daidas or Iballas in the present?
That would be really cool, but they are too good. I am still in the basics. But as far as I know they started when they were 17 and I am 17 already, so let's see :o)
Finally: What about your “second” sport, running?
You have been pretty successful in that, too?

Yes, I've been at several competitions, even international (Corsica goldmedal 3000 meters, Sardinia gold in 2000 meters). At the moment I am too much into school stuff, that is why I can't do any training. But running keeps me fit and windsurfing is fun!

Thanks for the interview, and all the best!

Kyra some years ago with her running trophies!!



date of birth: April 25th 1991
nationality: German

sailnumber: E-129

profession: student

languages: German, English, Spanish, a few words French

sponsors: Starboard, Neil Pryde, Mercedes-Benz
When AND where did you learn how to windsurf?
With my father and my brother in Vargas, in 2002.
Your favourite move and what do you train right now: forward loop, landing the backloop
favorite windsurfing spot and why: Vargas, because you have got wind and waves like in Pozo, but you have got so much more space.
best music: punk, rock
last book you´ve read: It was a book for school, very boring.
best food/drink: pizza & fanta
Who are your models in windsurfing?
Iballa Moreno, she is really nice and always helpful. Nayra Alonso is very funny and my brother is always showing me something.

What causes you fear? A math exam and the waves in Hookipa.
What makes you laugh? Me! I always laugh about myself and about my brother, he makes strong things sometimes, I don't think he is normal... :-)
With whom would you like to spend an evening? With my friends and my boyfriend.
The famous 3 things to choose to take with you to a lonely island? If the island is windy, a complete windsurfboard, my boyfriend and something to eat.
3 tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing: Don't give up. You will get better soon!
What does windsurfing mean to you? It definitly means fun, and that you can travel to wonderful places to surf perfect waves. That's amazing.

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