Loveletter to my Sport

by Windfee / Martina Kraus

Just a few days ago I had once again this typical situation with one of those "non-surfing-guys". I was just trying to explain to him my fascination for my beloved sport in the brightest colors when, in the end, came this very familiar question: "But you don't want to tell me that windsurfing is better than sex!!!????"

When I just looked at him with big eyes and started with a long: "Well….." he bursted into laughter and said condescendingly: "Well, my dear, then I guess you never had real good sex in your life!!!!"

Okay - no question: sex with the person you love more than your life is the best thing on earth BUT windsurfing is definitely the BEST thing you can do on your own AND - it never will break your heart!!!! Interesting and quite important topic, isn't it?????

On the contrary - windsurfing always helped me to get back on my feet in hard times….and I can tell you that these hard times were mostly caused by…!!!! ;-))

So if anyone shakes his head about my present claim that I love my Naish and my JP boards most, I just want to ask them:
Did you ever experience this feeling of overflowing, childlike joy and unscrupulous fun while playing catch with a turquoise, hollow-breaking 2-Meter-Wave… while you should always try to win the game???!!! ;-))
Or the sensation of being (once again!!!) too far out on the ocean flying over this beautifully sparkling salty surface with just flying fish and seagulls accompanying you????

In moments like those I feel so pure, so innocent, so much part of the nature - not even like a human being anymore! Just talking about it makes me smile!! Having something that gives you such impressing kicks better than any illegal drug is just the biggest gift possible!

Well, this sport gave me the most happy moments of my life with my friends on the most beautiful beaches of the world and sometimes frustrated me nearly to the point of giving up.
It led me to my biggest love and took it away from me again.
It showed me my limits but opened new horizons for me.
It hit me low at times but also rewarded me with wings.
It never really disappointed me, deceived me or let me down!!!
To make it short:
Windsurfing is just the most important and reliable thing in my life!!!

Reading this I have to admit that this all sounds very pathetic but I am sure that some of you people on this site will just say: "YES, that is exactly how I feel!"

Let's push our limits in 2003, girls and guys out there!!! Going windsurfing is just a question of setting the right priorities!
I'll see you out on the water!!!
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   text and photo: Windfee; windgirls 2003