windgirls-word wrap: Lucienne Ernst, H-444
   Lucienne Ernst (photo: windgirls) date of birth: 24/09/1973

nationality: Dutch

sponsors: Mistral, Arrows, Oxbow, OAD Sportreisen, TAB Telecom, Eurofuncenter, Bondi Blu Eyewear

windsurfing since (where did you learn it?)
When I was six, on a lake (Reeuwjk)

best results so far:   3rd PWA Overall Ranking '98

favorite discipline: wave

favorite move:   table top

favorite windsurfing spot:  South Africa

best music:   top 40

last book you have read:   ––

best film:   with Tom Hanks, I love all his films

best food:   Indonesian

best drink:   Cola light

Lucienne clew first in Fuerte

Who are your models in windsurfing?  Björn Dunkerbeck, Robby Naish

What causes you fear?  Sharks, Spiders

What makes you laugh? a good day of sailing

With whom would you like to spend an evening?  Tom Cruise

Why is the sport of windsurfing so "machista"?  It is a real power sport, that's no reason why girls cannot do it! ?!?

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