Lucy Ellen Palmer

Born 13th March 1972
Died 17th December 1998, aged 26
I wonder how many women have been encouraged by Lucy to windsurf…

A very special Lady

By Lyn Jamieson

On Thursday 17th December 1998, Lucy was on a beach in Antigua, West Indies, in the company of some friends. She blacked out and shortly after died. Her death was sudden and without pain. Her love of life, family, friends and a good argument shall continue to inspire us all.
Lucy was the driving force behind getting Australias "Women On Windsurfers"- association going over two years ago. Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious. She presided over WOW, organizing getting the newsletter going, attending Windsurfing Victoria meetings, organizing and instructing at clinics, encourage participation in windsurfing and continuing to race.
The account of her Philippines trip, which we included in the June 1998 newsletter, captured well her zest for life and adventure.
Lucy was a very special lady, lived and loved life with a smile on her face and a good word for everyone. I miss her and am saddened that her life was cut short, but she made the most of the life she had, and was a very, very good sailboarder.

Lucy did more than encourage us to windsurf, she inspired us to live. A deep thanks to you Lucy.

Some words from Lucy's friends...

The first time I noticed Lucy was at the Gala Bash a couple of years ago. She was tall and gorgeous in high heels and looked like a model from Sale of the Century. Must be a girlfriend of one of the guys I thought. Then she spoke about WOW and I could see she was no "sit on the beach chick".This girl was obviously passionate about the sport and super enthusiastic about getting more females involved. Several months later I dragged myself to Brighton to attend a WOW clinic. I was not excited about sailing in murky Melbourne waters but I wanted to support the group. Lucy was there in the thick of it – organizing gear for beginners, land simulations and a barbie, and all the time bubbling with enthusiasm and words of encouragement for all. She had assembled a willing band of helpers to assist with all these tasks – she was obviously very popular and someone that others would go out of their way for. It wasn't hard to see why. (I had great fun and forgot about the water).
I bumped into Lucy at various beaches and windsurfing gatherings over the next couple of years. The last time was at Sandy Point where she spoke excitedly about her upcoming island hopping windsurfing trip (while dining on Nutella snack packs). We all went down to The Gap and Lucy went into the waves with the boys. As I looked on I thought, 'When I grow up , I want to be like Lucy'. I'll miss her positive presence but I'm sure I'll think of her saying "Just have a go.

Chris O’Neill

How does one use words to evoke the images and feelings Lucy produced. She represented the adventurous, vivacious, determined, inquisitive, hilarious and sensitive qualities, which often remain elusive to mere humans. The posture of a dancer when she walked, ran or windsurfed, the fluidity of movement conveyed the presence of a purposeful spirit. Lucy took part in living, with a passion, nothing was wasted, either in time or contact with people. The enduring image of Lucy typing minutes on her laptop and blowing some stray brown curls off her face and superimposed, her silhouette, sailing the One Design against a dark grey sky at Torquay, blowing those curls off her face.
Lucy shall remain a symbol of how one should live fully. She will be sorely missed.
Farewell Lucy.
Maria Flanagan

I will miss Lucy, especially her enthusiasm for the job at hand. Thinking of her now, I wonder how often we as friends, neglected to tell her what a great person she was.
As we continue on with WOW, as Lucy would expect us to do, I hope that we can make one of her dreams come to fruition. I will always remember Lucy.
Janine Carter


The only time I wasn’t happy to receive the WOW-news was when I got to know Lucy died last December. I confess to you that it was a shock to read something so sad.
I could not believe my eyes also because me and Lucy, we were keeping in touch through the e.mail and when she was in England with the phone. We even wanted to do some windsurfing trips together.
You have to know also Lucy gave me the idea to start a little "news for girl windsurfing" in the windsurf magazine in Italy. The first time I wrote, I had published a picture of her and what she was doing in Australia (with the WOW club). Last time I spoke to her, we agreed to publish the Philippines adventure. I was waiting for her stories. She never had the time to send it to me.
Veronica Pachulski, Italy

Lucy did more than encourage us to windsurf, she inspired us to live.

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