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windsurfing since?
I am windsurfing about 4 years now, but I started freestyling 2 years ago.

how much competitons till now and which?
6 competitions which are:
Aruba Hi-Winds Freestyle(2003) 1. place in Queen of the huts
Aruba Hi-Winds Freestyle(2002) 3. place in Queen of the huts
Queen of the Caribbean Freestyle(2002) 1. place in the woman amateur division
Queen of the Caribbean Freestyle(2003) 9. place in the woman professional division
Bonaire Regatta Freestyle(2002) 2. place Queen of Lac Bay
Bonaire Regatta Freestyle(2001) 2. place Queen of Lac Bay

how was the competition for you (about fairness, all the girls... partys,organisation...)?
The competition was a very good experience, I had a great time, I really enjoyed it. The girls are all very nice and friendly, and the party's were great but I hoped more of those hahahaha :) The organization was very good, but I think the judges were not fair to me and the other girls. I was a little disappointed about the unfairness, I heard a lot of stories!! But the important part is that I had fun.

do you want to compete more worldcups?
After the worldcup in Bonaire I am more motivated then ever. I want to compete next year again in Bonaire, but also in other places outside the Caribbean. I also want to try the super x freestyle competitions, the one that combine freestyle and race.

favorite move:
My favourite move is the backloop and the spock 540. The ones I like to see are the goiter, cheeseroll and the flakas..

on which move are you training:  I'm training on the loops, grubbies and the shove it, but also some sail tricks.

what are your plans after school:
After school I want to windsurf for one year in Maui or Bonaire and then study in Holland but I don't know yet what I want to study.

how often are you windsurfing: I windsurf 2 times a week and every vacation I get.

with whom are you windsurfing? I windsurf with my sister and all my friends of windsurfing like Sara-Quita, Quince, Javier, Heup, and more! So I almost always have somebody to windsurf with.

What you always wanted to say? Chill, have fun and be happy!

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photos: Tanja Emig/Olympus windgirls 2004