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Motoko on Maui

She worked hard for her dream. This year, the 10 years of sailing in waves in Japan and Hawaii finally culminated in winning the Hawaii Pro, the most challenging wave event on the PWA tour 2004, taking place at Hookipa Beach on Maui. Motoko Sato (J-0), who had already won the Aloha Classic in Hookipa before, beat Karin Jaggi (Z-14) from Switzerland in the finals. On the Iles de la Madeleine in the province of Quebec, Canada, Motoko started in her first international freestyle event. Can we expect her on the tour next year? What did the victory in Hookipa mean to her? In the following interview with Claudia Vogt, Motoko Sato reveals this and a bit more.

What was it like to win the PWA event in Hookipa?
A dream coming true, I sailed 10 years in Omazaki, in my eyes the best wave spot in Japan, and also in Hookipa, Maui, which for me is the best wave spot worldwide. It was hard work, but I fulfilled my dream.
Will you do any more competitions after Hawaii and now Canada?
If I get a chance, yes, but my husband wants a baby (laughing). But Iīll do the Aloha Classic in november for sure.
Iīve heard of your seasonal job. Itīs teapicking! Thatīs a special way to afford windsurfing...
I work a lot to save money for Maui, because I canīt live off windsurfing only… But I do get money for a top3 ranking in international events, yes.
What can you tell us about Japan when it comes to windsurfing? Itīs said it is the biggest market for the windsurfing industry worldwide?
The market is so big because people buy top equipment, and now the scene is changing from racing to wavesailing.
How was the PWA freestyle event in Canada for you?
Interesting because it was a “women only” event, and the trip was paid from Montreal onwards and therefore affordable! It is good to see the other girlīs level, sure an inspiration, and we had good freestyle conditions! The roadtrip was some stress, but I met girls from other countries and saw Canada, so…
Wave or freestyle? Which do you like better?
I like both wave and freestyle and have trained latter for 2 years now, that was when I tried my first vulcans. Spock, Grubby or Flaka are fun to learn and also help my wavesailing!
Your models in waveriding?
Levi Siver, his wavesailing is very stylish, and not that powerful.
How was your first time in Hookipa? Do you remember?
It was a day with small waves, but I was scared of the shorebreak and the rocks...
Will we see you, letīs say, in Pozo next year?
I should say yes... but rather no, sorry… (laughing). I have respect for the Moreno twins for sailing on both tacks in all conditions, freestyle and waves, but… no, not for me.
Motoko wins in Hookipa
date of birth: 09-04-1972
nationality: Japan
profession: Windsurfer
sponsors: Ezzy Sails, Burleigh Heads custom boards, Dakine, Chinook, Garcia Marquez Shop, Iwamoto, Smith, Reef, Freestyle, 910r
When AND where did you learn how to windsurf? 19 years old, university windsurfing club
favorite move: radical and speedy bottomturn and ripping

what do you train right now: aerial off the lip, flaka

favorite windsurfing spot: Hookipa
best music: beautiful girls, Jack Johnson
last book youīve read: windsurfing magazine
best film: Life is beautiful
best food: Sushi
best drink: Tea
Who are your models in windsurfing?
Levi Siver, Keith Taboul
What causes you fear? big waves, sharks
What makes you laugh? a baby
With whom would you like to spend an evening? my husband
Windsurfing - better than sex? I like sex.
The famous 3 things you choose to take with you to a lonely island?
boyfriend, two best friends
Three tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1) push
2) friends
3) time
What does windsurfing mean to you? my life

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photos: Carter/PWA Đ windgirls 2004