Mylene de Vries

Blue Curaçao

sponsors: parents

age: 16

where do you live: Curacao, Dutch Antilles

windsurfing since?
I started 3 years ago in Bonaire. When I was there on vacation one of the best vacations I ever had!!!! And I will never forget it!! Why? My dad used to windsurf and he wanted to teach us at Bonaire.
how much competitons till now and which?
Bonaire regatta 3 times (race),Curacao regatta 2 ( race ) times,amateur KOTC freestyle, KOTC pro freestyle
are you satisfied with your 6th place at the worldcup in Bonaire?
YES !! didn`t expect 6 place so very happy!! My first time competing in a worldcup was great but I was a little bit nervous the first heats but then it was ok. It`s a wonderfull experience...
how did you like the week at the worldcup in Bonaire (people, organisation, competition...)?
The people in Bonaire are very nice and kind. The organisation was  good, proffesional. The competition was  great. The first days a lot of   action but then the wind died so no more windsurfing at the end.
do you want to compete more worldcups?
Yes I would really like yo but have to train more and here on Curacao the wind is very light so not much training
what do you think about the twins and Karin?
I don`t know the twins very well but I do think they are very good and I give them respect for there windsurfing. Karin I think is a very nice person and I also give my respect for her windsurfing, she is very good!!
favorite move: Don`t really have one. I like body drag sometimes a lot.
on which move are you training:
volcan but I wanted to train it a long time ago but you know because of the wind I still didn`t really train for it so now its more light wind things.
what are your plans for the future:
school...windsurfing...competition. I still have to be in school for 2 more years and in the meantime I keep on windsurfing. After that we will see. Next competition I haven`t planned yet.
how often are you windsurfing: Every time there is wind... but we dont have a lot here, so...
do you have other hobbies?
sometimes I go wakeboarding, skateboard, knieboard, tennis
why do you think that not so much girls are doing windsurfing?
Because a lot of them give up very fast or maybe because the equipment is expensive. I`m not sure.
3 tipps to girls who want to learn windsurfing:
just go for it if you want to learn,Dont give up and dont care what other people say or think about you!!! Good Luck.
What you always wanted to say?
It`s all about the feeling inside!

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photos: Tanja Emig/Olympus © windgirls 2004