Lake Neusiedl – Freestyle Mekka

You need a spot for your whole family? For yourself to have a great time sailing? For your kids to play around and enjoy the warm water? You want to see incredible landscapes and untouched Pannonian nature? Well, here is your guide to such a windsurfing-spot. It's name: Lake Neusiedl, Austria!

On calm days it looks like a large bathtube – mirror-like, with warm water, in some places only waist-high. But nothing is as it seems: the idyll of the tourists with their air rafts will suddenly come to an end, if there is a low (atlantic depression) over Northern Europe. Lake Neusiedl, the mekka of freestyle windsurfing, will suddenly change it's face from harmless Dr. Jekill to a wild and wild-romantic Mr. Hide.

Wind from NW blows with windforces up to 40 knots (average something about 25), especially in spring and fall. Number 1 spot for the NW is Podersdorf, the worldcup-spot. After the front passes, the wind picks up once again and the combination of strong wind, cloudless sky and sunshine is the rule. In times of high pressure the SE winds builds on sunny summer days. The conditions are paradise-like then and the waves high. Best spot in these conditions is the small beach of Weiden, with the highest waves on the lake in SE-conditions.

The first PWA Freestyle worldcup ever took place on Lake Neusiedl (in 1998) (This year there will be a competition for the women, also!) Since that time the lake has turned into a mekka of freestyle windsurfing. It has been shown that radical loops (over the top!), table tops, even back loops are possible on a lake also!

For beginners Lake Neusiedl offers best conditions to make first experiences in windsurfing. Due to the shallow water its extremly easy to get on board. Most beginners prefer the beautiful and 5-kilometers-long beachside of Podersdorf with it's shallow, warm water and the big camping-site (and 3 windsurfing schools). About 80% of the lake belongs to Austrian territory, the southern part belongs to Hungary. Not only windsurfers, but also bikers, nature-lovers and fans of good wine are enthusiastic visitors of the region. The national park "Lange Lacke" is home of many rare birds and can be explored easily by using one of the numerous cycle tracks. Windsurfer or not, make sure to taste the red wine, which is famous for this region, and to visit a typical Austrian open-air locality called "Heuriger".

And in the evening? The "PODO"-pub in Podersdorf is a hot spot to enjoy excellent international food, from sea-fish to local dishes. The "Neusiedler" in Neusiedl is a good alternative to drink a beer or two in friendly atmosphere. And when the morning dawns I am sure you find you in front of the "Martins-" or "Nova Tenne"-disco. And if you are lucky the rest of the night will not be too lonesome...

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