Paros – chosen by the gods

Beautiful harbour Naoussa by Tony Frey


The ancient gods could have chosen any place in the world – but the gods chose Greece...
(from a TV-ad-spot)

Paros one of the 12 Kycladen Islands. The place were I learned how to sail step by step. From all the places I’ve ever been in the last 4 years I wait for the moment  to be there again and be with family and friends. Ecxept of course getting good memories in mind, I can say that it is a beautiful place to go and not have only sailing holidays. A lot of things can be found to do and just  with the way of relaxing and enjoying.

Travelling around the world in most beautiful places made me to realise things, I would not have seen before. Except of the experience I get of culture, people and generally life, I  believe, is the best school of life somebody can get. It needs a lot of independence, strength, believe and – the most important thing – have your eyes and ears open.
After doing all this, that of course is the start of my dream, I appreciate everything around my country.
I don’t say I did not before, but I never had something to compare with. The way of waking up and the way going to bed is different than anywhere else. People around you treat you in a different way, the way of speaking to each other is different, the way of going out, the way of handling things. Most of the Greeks take it easy, and also in hard times they don’t forget to enjoy their days.

The greek islands are known to everybody for their own personality and style. Untouched nature and the easy going way, brings most of the people over there. Each island has his own beauty and anybody could fit in his own lifestyle. White houses and blue windows, wind meals everywhere and olive trees. Greek salad and the best wine, with no chemicals. Logical prices day and night.
A place that I call the last paradise. Not because there is too much nature, and you can live like a man from the cave, but because your not been seen like a thing that is there just to leave the money on the table. You feel like you exist like a human being and that you have the same rights to do things than anybody else. Rules are something that go till a limit.
Living right and the way you like is what makes it happen. I do things I feel like and there is nobody to stop me.

One simple thing that I do there and I could not do anywhere else is sleeping on the beach, with no stress and worrying about anything. It is something very normal and the most easy and beautiful thing. I call it the 1000star Hotel. The price is super high, but it doesn’t cost me anything.
Why do I feel this way?
I guess, because my brother Christian took me from my 13 years of living around the greek islands in the same way. Sleeping on the beach!! Waking up in the morning, having a swim and a breakfast, just right there ON THE BEACH!

In the summer time the termic North wind called Meltemi is cooling down the high temperarure. The wind comes till 6-7 beaufort and windsurfers are all over around the sailing beaches. The conditions can be perfect always for people who want to get results in manouvres, unfortunately wavesailing doesn’t give the sign everytime. The bigger waves I have seen in summer time are up to 2 meters.

Also sailing there with friends, which I know from the time I started gives me an other positiv strength. This 3 weeks is a filling up and taking energy which is very neccesay for continueing the PWA-world tour. But having Greece for your basis is the best thing that could ever happen in my life. I’m proud being greek and the half part which is german never exist in me and will never do.

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