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Paula Daian, Ho'okipa

Canadian sports photographer Francois Marseille actually did start with frozen water and with skiing instead of windsurfing, but gave his windsurfing debut in The Gorge soon after that. During an interview with Windsurfing Québec he answered the question "Can you live of your passion?" this way: "Life of? Hmmm... Live for? Yes. No doubt." The following photos are result of a fine Maui photo session with Anne-Marie-Reichman, Paula Daian, Colette Guadagnino and Anick Violette.

Anick & Anne-Marie

Colette in the bamboo forest



Anick plays the guitar


turtle & Paula in Makena Bay


Paula, Anne-Marie, Colette, Anick


Paula in the night


Anne-Marie, Ho'okipa


camping in Sprecks

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