Serial part 2: Windsurfing Clubs
In hardly any part of the world women play such an important role in public life like in the Scandinavian countries, even when it comes to politics. No wonder that Swedish women windsurfers have established one of the world's biggest windsurfing associations for women.


RAN WINDSURFING is a Swedish association for girls who love windsurfing. RAN was established the fall of 1988 when 5 girls met in Apelviken, Varberg to learn more about windsurfing. Just like all windy fall days Apelviken was packed with windsurfers – but there were almost no girls!

RAN members on unknown beach:
Who knows the location?
Unknown RAN members:
Who knows their names?

Thatīs when these 5 girls decided to form an association for all girls who windsurf in Sweden. The fall of 1989, only a year later they were more than 100 members, ranging in age from 15 to 65, from all over Sweden and they have even had members from Norway.

The main objective was and still is to get more girls out on the water and support those who already windsurf, but above all to have fun and get to know more people that also windsurf. It doesnīt matter how good or bad you are, in RAN there are all categories and ages, some of us are beginners while others are elite windsurfers.

That windsurfing is a "muscle sport" is a myth. But on the other hand it demands some stubbornes, maybe some beginner classes, proper equipment and somebody to encourage you. Through RAN you will meet surfbuddies from all over Sweden and get invited to different types of activities. We usually arrange a couple of get togethers per year where we have one beginner course and one continuation.

The name RAN derives from the ancient Nordic mythology and is the name of a female ocean giant who is the empiress of the wind and wave. The waves are her daughters.

Three times a year you will recieve RAN's own club magazine RANZONEN, which is one of the few windsurfing magazines in Sweden.

Membership fees in Swedish kronor:

Seniors 150:-
Juniors 75:- (up to 18)
Students 100:- (send a copy of your student ID to the cashier)

You can also be a support member: 75 :-
As a support member you will receive the club magazine, RANZONEN but you will not be able to participate in the activities.

activities: ski trips, wall climbing in Stockholm, "spring get together", annual meeting with bowling in Stockholm, "fall get together" in Varberg...

The most recent event RAN had was the Fall get-together in September in Varberg on the west coast of Sweden. It was during the annual windsurfing event "Wave Classic", won by Robby Seeger, Hawaii/Germany. It was a great weekend with fabolus weather and lots of fun!

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text: Cissy Anderberg; photos: RAN