Susanna Sexton

Model, TV show host, windsurfer

"I am originally from Sweden and began windsurfing regularly in 1997 while attending college on the island of Oahu. Ever since I was a child I have always been involved in and excelled in numerous sports. I was a top youth equestrian rider while growing up in Sweden and also played ice hockey, raced BMX, skied, and snowboarded. I spent a year working on a ranch in Colorado during which time I did a great deal of mountain biking and rock climbing.

After moving to Hawaii (Susanna holds a degree in Environmental Studies and Management from Hawaii Pacific University) I naturally became involved in more activities that focused on the ocean. I learned to surf, did quite a bit of diving, and spear fishing, and also learned to windsurf. My boyfriend at the time was an avid windsurfer and he had me hooked in no time. Windsurfing quickly became my favorite activity and I spent as much time at it as I could. I progressed very rapidly and in a short time was sailing in the waves and loving every minute of it. Waveriding has been my focus from the beginning and remains my favorite aspect of the sport. My sailing has primarily been on the south shore of Oahu, but I have also spent considerable time sailing the north shores of both Oahu and Maui. I entered my first contest during the summer of 2000 placing third in the Amateur Women’s division of the Blue Planet Wave Bash at Diamond Head. I also kitesurf, but lately the focus has been on windsurfing.

I have appeared in numerous windsurfing related advertisements and publications (eg. Susanna has been filming a tow surfing ad with Rush Randle for Michelob beer on Maui lately). In the summer of 2003 we did a photo shoot with Darrell Wong for Peter Thommen’s new board line. I also recently completed another photo shoot with Darrell Wong for a new Mistral kids board. In addition to the numerous windsurfing related photo shoots, I can also be seen in a variety of other advertisements and magazines over the last several years. I have modeled for Arena Sportswear Japan, REI, Blue Planet, Conde Naste Traveler, and Speedo among numerous others. I also work as a host for the TV show Hawaiian Extreme Sports.

I think windgirls.com magazine does an excellent job promoting and recognizing girls that are not afraid to give it there all. That's the main reason I would like to be a part of it!"

date of birth: 28-02-1976
nationality: A proud Swede
profession: self employed (see intro)
sponsors: KA Sail, Da Kine, NoLimitz
When AND where did you learn how to windsurf?
First learnded on lake Lygnern in Sweden when I was around twelve years old. Learned to shortboard and wavesailing after moving to Hawai in 1997.
favorite move: Wave 360

what do you train right now: I just try to get better each time I go out. Improve my waveriding.

favorite windsurfing spot:
Toes on a good day (secret spot on Oahuīs south shore, well not that secret, but we like to pretend it is)
best music: Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, ColdPlay
last book youīve read: The Da Vinci Code
best film: Legends of the Fall and Swing Kids
best food: My momīs home cooking. Not Swedish meatballs.
best drink: coffee
Who are your models in windsurfing? Pascal Bronnimann and Peter Garzke. They are two of the nicest guys and best sailors I`ve ever met. Allways willing to offer tips and good advice.

What causes you fear? Just the thought of the first and probably the last wave I ever caught at Phantoms (north shore of Oahu)
What makes you laugh? My baby when he is trying to sing and dance, although sometimes it makes me want to cry.
With whom would you like to spend an evening?
My grandmother who died when I was just a baby.
Windsurfing - better than sex? Why? Whichever lasts longer as its best ...
The famous 3 things to choose to take with you to a lonely island?
Dental floss, windsurf equipment and the local Starbucks.
What do you like about windgirls.com magazine?
It gives us women a chance to get some attention and exposure in a mainly male-dominated sport.
tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1. Donīt be shy to take advice from the guys.
2. Donīt accept peopleīs old gear that is about to break because a) it probably will and b) because newer and lighter equipment will make it much easier.
3. Finally be stubborn and donīt give up.
What does windsurfing mean to you?
Everything! It`s meditative and a great workout at the same time. It is spiritually and physically rejuvenating. No matter how I feel before I go out, a good session always makes me forget about everything else, work, stress, worries etc. It is very quiet in a way I can’t explain, just you and the ocean. You don’t feel the need to judge yourself or compete with others, only challenge yourself. It’s like a dance with the ocean and the fact that you have the ability to do it makes you proud and happy (althought sometimes the ocean will step on your toes and make you faceplant).

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photos: KA Sail, Sexton Đ windgirls 2005