Sylt Grand Slam, 25th sept. to 3rd oct. 99

Northern (High) Light

Sylt: High winds, low temperatures, hot parties. And: Karin Jaggi. The reigning champ won both wave and racing discipline and already took this year's racing championship in her boardbag. After an epic wave-final against Daida Ruano Moreno Karin still has chances to win even this title in Maui, the last PWA-event this year.


In the wave competition heats progressed right through to the semi finals before it literally became too dark to continue competing. The Moreno twins were on form and both managed to progress into the semi final with Daida Moreno defeating Jutta Mueller and Iballa Moreno taking out Tony Frey in the last heat of the day.

"The twins will now have to sail against each other tomorrow if wave conditions continue. The other line up for the semi final is between World Champion, Karen Jaggi who faces Lucienne Ernst, which also promises to be a tough battle."

Hot in cold air: Karin Jaggi
Hot in cold air: Karin Jaggi
The next day it was definitely survival in the 30 knot, gusting 40-knot winds. Karin Jaggi took victory over Lucienne Ernst in the first semi after pulling off some brave forward loops whilst Iballa Moreno took victory over her twin sister Daida to earn herself the other spot in the final. In the final Jaggi took a clear victory, landing a superb push loop and several forward loops whilst the Moreno twin struggled in the surf for much of the heat.

In the double elimination there were more brave displays from the Moreno twins who found themselves against each other for the second time of the competition. This time it was Daida coming out on top, wining a chance to challenge Karen Jaggi in the final. In the tough conditions, Daida Moreno gave it everything, attempting several extreme push loops and landing some radical forward loops to defeat Jaggi in the first of two finals. In the second final Jaggi managed to reply with one particular high push loop followed by a pole volt forward on the next wave of the set. Moreno then struggled after getting caught on the inside of the shorebreak following a frontside wave ride and Jaggi drilled home the advantage by clocking up several more wave scores. The judges gave the second final to Karen Jaggi who definitely deserved her victory. It will now be down to the last event in Maui to decide who will be woman's Wave Champion.


The woman's racing emerged as a battle between Karen Jaggi and Lucienne Ernst. Jaggi took victory in race number one and race number three, with Ernst winning the second race. In race number four Jaggi's rig exploded on the start line leaving the gateway open for Ernst and German Andrea Hoeppner (returning after an absence of several months on the tour) to fight it out for first. The race was closely contended until Lucienne Ernst crashed at the last mark allowing Hoeppner to register her first race victory of the contest.

After four races the Swiss World Champion, Karen Jaggi is in first position with Lucienne Ernst in second, Andrea Hoeppner third and Colette Guadagnino in fourth.

In round number five Karen Jaggi the 28-year old Swiss World Champion took her third race win of the series, well ahead of Andrea Hoeppner in second and Colette Guadagnino in third. In the sixth race, Dutch sailor Lucienne Ernst took control from the start and dominated the race, with Hoeppner once again taking second and Jaggi back in third.

THE VAN and his Uli... Uli and the VAN

Uli Hoelzl from Austria had no need for a hotel in Sylt: With her yellow 280.000-kilometer Toyota Hiace Uli saves the money and enjoys the seven square-meters of her 13-year old home. And the 1200 kilometers from Austria to Sylt of course were no problem for both – Uli and her van. Lots of stickers and some rust, massage-equipment and some drinks inside...

Uli: "I feel so comfortable with it!" The Van can be found almost everywhere: In Sylt and Sardegnia, Southern France and Danmark, Lake Garda and Lake Neusiedl, in the Tirolean mountains or in the city of Vienna. ride on...




1 JAGGI, Karin Z-14     Arrows,F2,Sohard AG, Shopway,Spanset
2 RUANO MORENO,   Daida E-64   North,Mistral, Quiksilver,Oakley,VW
3 RUANO MORENO,   Iballa E-63   North, Mistral, Quiksilver,Oakley,VW
4 ERNST, Lucienne H-444     Arrows,Mistral, Oxbow,OAD,Tab Teleco

5 FREY, Antonia GR-1     Arrows,F2,Oakley, Quiksilver,RedBull
5 HOELZL, Uli AUT-123     F2, Gotcha, Reef, Powerbar
7 BECKER, Christine G-215     Neil Pryde, F2, Sekurit Saint Gobain
7 MUELLER, Jutta G-680     F2, Pro-Limit
9 OTT, Gabi D-251
9 KITTS, Cecily US-36     North Sails, Girl Star
9 GUADAGNINO, Colette V-711     Neil Pryde,Vel Uno, Tectonics Maui
13 HOEPPNER, Andrea G-54     North Sails,Mistral, Jogging-Brot
13 SCHMIDT, Saskia G-151     ART, Fanatic, Happy Surf & Ski
13 VAN SCHILDEN, Cornelia H-95     EWR,Maui Magic, Van Den Berg W/Surf
13 STEVENS, Anne Kathrin G-200
1 JAGGI, Karin Z-14
2 ERNST, Lucienne H-444
3 HOEPPNER, Andrea G-54

4 GUADAGNINO, Colette V-711
5 BECKER, Christine G-215
6 FREY, Antonia GR-1
7 VAN SCHILDEN, Cornelia H-95
8 SCHMIDT, Saskia G-151

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text: SSM/PWA; Aichinger   1999