Girls on a Mission, 5th edition

23rd & 24th of August 2008 Holland’s biggest windsurf event took once again - for the fifth time already! - place at the Brouwersdam: "The Mission", a downwind slalom fun event including testing, clinics and parties. With 340 participants (160 of them being 18 or younger) last years record could once again be topped. Even better: A almost sensational number of 61 "windgirls" in the race proved in an impressive manner how popular the sport is among the Dutch ladies. Among the top riders to rise the heat were 27-time-windsurfing world champion Karin Jaggi, Yoli de Brendt (check her report here) and local Femke van der Valk. The three had lots of fun giving away the numerous prices and trophys.

Yoli de Brendt - slalom, Karin Jaggi - pricegiving,  Femke van der Valk on the ramp: various manifestations of good action

A quite unusual appearance was given by top freestyle lady Yoli de Brendt who gave her debut in the slalom. Femke for her part tried to jump the ramp, but due to light winds she didn't gain quite enough speed - and got bound on top of the ramp. Laughing, fortunately. Femkes report!

All th slalom ladies gave their best. 4 rounds and one final race in light conditions were enough to crown the top 3 ladies, chicks and girls. No doubt: The Misssion edition 5 was once again a perfect combination of sport and fun. To be continued...

Finally: The e-zine of the event: (Dutch only):


Girls (< 14 years):

1 Pottgens, Chantale
2 Vanhoorne, Andrea
3 Schoots, Lisette
4 Hartveld, Esmee
5 Boonstra, Ilse

Chicks (15-18 years):

1 Vermeulen, Carlijn
2 de Geus, Lilian
3 de Geus, Esther
4 Caers, Rolien
5 Rietdijk, Evelien

Ladies (> 19 years):

1 Molenwijk, Renske
2 van der Schilden, Cornelia
3 van Riel, Nikki
4 Geldhof, Marie-Paule
5 Ziekenoppasser, Janet

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Link: The Mission

text & photos: Anne Stevens   windgirls 2008