The tideguide project is your chance to get your daily trip to well- and unknown beaches in South Africa. Hedrik von Janda's thesis project is meant as an interactive travel-guide for (wind)surfers. The website serves as a teaser for a DVD later on. Join the trip.

tideguide ZA

Between 2nd feb. and 4th march the web-event will feature the trip from Lambertsbay to East London.

Henne van Janda
Jens Boeck (camera)
Michi Strnad (camera),
Henrik von Janda (camera, production)
Barbara Lang (production assistant)


Ralf Bachschuster - former windsurfpro
Ernest Barnes - endless summer...
Barbara Lang


Henne about the project and the idea behind it

With interactive video and other possibilities to navigate the user is able to travel virtually and explore the coasts
and surf spots of South Africa. Besides fascinating and spectacular videos we provide him all necessary information in order to enjoy a real travel around the Cape. Current information about airline timetables, car rental, transportation of the surf-equipment, weather, spot maps, accommodation and much more will be provided partly off line and partly with links to the Internet. The final product will be an interactive, "road movie like" report around windsurfing and surfing in South Africa on a DVD.

For that purpose I will tour with 2 camera men and one production assistant in February and March for 40 days from Elandsbay at the Atlantic Ocean to East London at the Indian Ocean. The whole trip will be recorded with DV-Cameras. To present a variety of sights there will be shots with an underwater camera, teleobjective and - depending on the budget - also recordings from an ultra-light air plane.

During the production in South Africa the web site ( will be updated every day.
Via laptop and modem or cellular phone short daily reports (text), photos and short web optimised video clips of the day will be provided on this site. Further on the user will be able to communicate with the team via E-mail. Everyone is welcome to give us feedback or ask questions regarding this project. This web site will be a digital diary about the 3000 km tour. It will document the stories and events, enables the user to follow the tour and will focus interest on the final product - the DVD. Also after the tour the website will inform about the project and it's members.


Interview with Henne

Where did the idea for the tideguide-project come from?
Devoted and adicted to surfing and windsurfing myself, in a course of studies which deals with new media I was thinking about a thesis that might combine my interests. I really like to consume travel guides, especially surf guides and I really travel a lot. So I thought to provide something that gives me the posibility to go surfing and is worth for a thesis.

Where do the team-members come from? What's your profession and where do you surf?
Barbara Lang, student , Bregenz, Austria (trips to Canaries, France, Portugal, Spain)
Jens Boeck, camera man, Nuernberg/Berlin, Germany
Michael Strnad, camera man, Nuernberg/Mainz, Germany
Henrik von Janda-Eble, student, Nuernberg/Bregenz, (trips to Denmark, France, Protugal, Spain, Southafrica, Haiti, California, Canaries)

How did you manage to take your sponsors into your car?
6 months of hard work, some were convinced by the new technology, some by the content.

How many pagevisits do you expect while you are on tour?
This I really just can guess. The sitestatistik is open now for 43 days and we had about 60.000 hits and about 20.000 visitors. The project itself has not a end. The life event, the tour in SA is over between the 4th or 6th of march but the site will still be online after and will be changed into a kind of forum ... portal... and we are thinking about other trips like that. There are thoughts about a combination of snow and surf travel... more about that later... and we are looking for sponsors again :-)

When will you consider your trip to be a success?
When we have good waves, good wind, lots a fun and no technical or physical problem.

What is your major wish for the project?
That we have good waves, good wind, lots a fun and no technical or physical problem and that we maybe can help south africa a little bit with our project.

And now: CHECK IT OUT !

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