windgirls-special: Tony Frey, GR-1

She is one of the world's top five sailors. If you look for information about Tony go here!
If you want to FEEL what she's all about watch this page...



"Live every day of your life, like it's your last!"



"Our lifestyle is travelling around the world, so how is it possible not having small affairs with guys?"


The windiest place in the world: Pozo, Gran Canaria



"Sometimes I forget how lucky I am..."


racing in Paros (in the men's fleet !)


"But having Greece for my basis is the best thing that could ever happen in my life. I’m proud being Greek and the half part which is German never exist in me and will never do."


Willy Skipper:
Tony is one of the best freestylers

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photos: Carter/SSM, Mueller, Niflis  windgirls 2000