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Tracy at work
Photographing. (Kite)Surfing. Watching Deadman.
"It's great to see girls getting recognized in a good and professional way." This was what Tracy Kraft said when she first got in touch with windgirls.com magazine. Tracy, 30 years old and American born, is working as a freelance photographer on Maui.

With her friend, professional kiteboarder Nina Heiberg ("Nina is truely a star in all ways"), Tracy not only spends time on the water, but also travelling and photographing. Photos from her trip to Namotu/Fiji with Nina have been one of our recent highlights (find the link below) for sure. Tracy says: "Nina and I had such a great time shooting the Fiji trip." Learn more about the woman behind the lens.

Tracy photographed Nina Heiberg: cover "ultra sport", Norway
date of birth: 12-06-1973

nationality: American

sponsors: no sponsors, but I usually ride with Cabrinha gear and Jimmy Lewis custom boards

when and where did you learn kitesurfing: 2 years ago at kitebeach Maui, taking a lesson with Martin Kirk of KSM
favorite discipline: exercise
favorite move: watching deadman
favorite kitesurfing spot: Namotu Fiji, kitebeach Maui
Tracy and her friend Nina Heiberg Tracy photographed our Namotu story with Nina Heiberg

last book you have read: digital photography

best music: Jack Johnson, Nelly, Ben Harper, Eminem
best film: meet the parents with Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller
best food: candy
best drink: iced mocha
Who are your models in sports?
For female Nina Heiberg. She´s the first girl that I saw kiting ... she rips. She has great style and to go with it an amazing personality. She´s a great friend. For male Elliot Leboe. He all around charges and has a super cool attitude about what he does. He´s a pretty cool boyfriend too.

What causes you fear? spiders

What makes you laugh? SUGAR

Kitesurfing – better than sex? Why??? Hmmmmm

With whom would you like to spend an evening?
My grandmas whom I never got to meet
Is the sport of kitesurfing a macho-sport? I don´t think so, no. It can be whatever you make of it!
What do you think about the PWA-tour? not familiar with it
What do you like about the windgirls magazine?
A website of all GIRLS. Andy, you are a smart guy!!! Need say no more.
Three tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1) Take a lesson! It is good to know the general safety rules and to get familiar with the gear.
2) Charge, just go for it. You never know until you try!
3) Wear board shorts that you can tie on!

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