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Freestyle Encyclopedia

Lars Petersen, D-99 is one of the best freestyle/wave windsurfers of the world. And an experienced instructor, too. Free your mind is a freestyle and wave instruction video/DVD, which takes the viewer through not less than 40 different moves.

From the basic jibe to the lollypop. From first jumps to all kinds of loops. And of course waveriding. It's all in the video. Althought there are some "action parts" and travel features in it, it's first purpose is to push your sailing level and to develop new skills. Filmed in Fuerteventura, South Africa, Cabo Verde and Klitmoeller/Danmark we can highly recommend "Free your Mind" as a kind of "Freestyle Encyclopedia". Lars Petersen – a very nice guy without any macho-attitude – is a smart teacher, and with his nice Danish accent he gives advice to all the crucial parts of the moves, tricks and jumps.

The video also mirrors the personal style of the European IFCA Wave and Freestyle Champion, which means that most of his moves are performed better than most worldcup sailors would be able to. Perhaps with the exception of his hoss-/push-Tack, which is a rather boring variation of this cool move. On the other hand, if you really want to go for it, there are almost no limits. You want to learn the tricky "air tack"? It's all on the tape. And Lars is one of the very few people in the world who do it. If you are looking for a sample sequence, you can find the jump instruction here (wmv-video-file).

Especially the DVD is to our knowledge the first of it's kind. Besides the higher picture quality the real bonus lies in the interactivity of the DVD format allowing the viewer to freely browse and analyse techniques in the 40 different manoeuvres. Take that.