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I.balla and D.aida

Never ever before has there been a windsurfing video dedicated to windsurfing women. Daida and Iballa Ruano Moreno once again push the limits. Their video "I.D." is full of stunning hardcore action, good humor, beautiful landscapes and natural sexyness. Nothing less than a must-have.

"They are a lot of fun, they are both beautiful, they have got a super sense of humor. Itīs wonderful to have them around." (Robby Naish)
"Before the new generation of women came on tour, I really was not impressed by women's windsurfing in general. But ever since the twins and the other girls came on tour they have really started to bring something positive to the sport." (Josh Stone)
"The twins have elavated the womenīs competition level tremendously. Litteraly in some places like Pozo, Gran Canaria, they surf better than most of the guys. I mean they really are radical."
(Nik Baker)
Robby, Josh and Nik know what they are talking about. Daida and Iballa are outstanding windsurfers, and the three pay tribute to them in an outstanding video called "I.D." The action shown is as radical as these two young Spanish ladies are. Over-the-top frontloops, pushloops, even double loops. Style matters.
Pure adrenaline rush for 30 minutes – by the way we wouldn't have minded an even longer release – a video that could inject quite a lot of motivation into the veines of every windsurfing girl or woman. Shove it in your recorder, enjoy and rrrip.
Follow the twins to spots like Gran Canaria, Maui or Ireland. Watch them fooling around, kidding with Josh Stone ("I was just fucking saying the nicest stuff") or taking a shower. Ah yes... Nice underwear...
Iballa and Daida – twin sisters, best of friends, fiercest of competitiors. Two girls, one story. Daida: "We are twins, sisters. We have to play a little bit with that and keep the image."
The radical action on the water is being accompanied by great music. Loops, new school moves, pure surfing, turquoise waters and fresh air. Take a breath!
Since breaking onto the professional scene, Daida and Iballa have revolutionised woman's windsurfing. And "I.D." is their story. This video is a must.

Andy Aichinger