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available through high.tv in PAL or NTSC
price: $ 35.00
duration: 65 min.


The Full Tour
Costa Brava
Pozo Wave
Pozo Freestyle
Sylt Overview
Break-Feast with Tiffany
The official 2003 World Tour DVD is a really pleasant addition to the bunch of windsurfing dvds/videos, that have been released this year. Why? Mainly for three reasons: First of all the dvd contains a fun-to-watch mix of great windsurfing action, good music, interesting interviews and competitive atmosphere. Plus results and features, eg a pushloop-how-to. Second: The dvd shows much more   "windgirls" action than most other dvds do, including popular bestsellers like "plug'n play" or other productions, where half-naked beach-girlies are the only women to be shown. Yes, this dvd is an exeption, covering at least the finals of women's competitions on the PWA tour. But of course: We'd like to see more.
The third good argument for this dvd can be described by a perhaps not so well known name in the world of windsurfing: Tiffany Ward. The smart US sailor (US-69) has been interviewed during the Pozo competition. Her answers show an attractive display of intelligent and dedicated answers and statements, that are rare in our sport. Tiffany: "Windsurfing is truly a lifestyle. You have to embrace it."
Overall 2003 has been an exciting year for windsurfing’s professional tour, with ultimate conditions for the wave competitions from Pozo, the first ever SuperX from Fuerteventura and the rise of the ‘new school’ in freestyle. With Daida Ruano Moreno entering a mens competition, being only the second woman in history to do so.

No question about it: This dvd is well worth watching. Containing much more "windgirls" action than similar products it is able to show at least a part of the face of competitive female windsurfing. Ok, ok. Even the top ladies pull off less "cool" moves than the boys do nowadays, especially in freestyle. So, thanks for the friendly cutting indeed. But still all these loops, spocks, shove its, clew first spocks and willy skippers shown by top "windgirls" like Karin Jaggi or the Moreno twins offer huge potential for every girl and every windsurfing woman that wants to learn these great moves. In other words, as it is said at the end of the dvd: "Watch this space."