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price: 19,95 £
approx duration: 60min
red hot REMIXED

Imagine endless turns in Western Australia, classic Aloha wave spirit, nice freestyle action as well as big airs in the nuclear winds of Pozo, Fidji´s monster-waves and windsurfing with Josh Stone, the "Aloha Man". It´s all in the (re)mix(ed). This chilli-video brings some of the best sequences from the videos “The Quest”, “The Homecoming”, “PWA Tour Highlights 1999”, “Namotu” and “The Aloha Man”.

"Shove this puppy in the VCR and crack-open another beer. Nothing but 4 years worth of absolute balls-out windsurfing from the pros, world champs and freeride rippers." The Chilly-crew is right with this. Well, of course you can chose another drink instead of the beer... The video is set to a sound track, which will make you hot. If not red hot: Stone Roses, Stereophonics, Supergrass, Robbie Williams.

Nothing really new, but a perfect compilation of incredible windsurfing action.