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School Girls

The Kiteboard Instructional (not only) for girls - Episode One

Imagine you receive a video tape from overseas. It is called "school girls". And you represent a magazine called "windgirls". You will face some problems for sure... Dear customs officer: I hope you enjoyed! Would be great if you joined the surfing planet.

Anyway. Finally we had the tape in our hands and shoved it in our VC. What we found is a must for every kitesurf beginner – no matter if "school girl" or "school boy": The video is very easy to understand and follow, instruction is always clear and thorough.

Julie Gilbert, copyright FKA, Inc. 2003
Julie Gilbert

The video, introduced by Keta Films and produced by Erin N. Calmes, starts with learning to fly the trainer kite and ends with staying up wind. As major steps are explained over and over again, top kitegirls Julie Gilbert-Prochaska (photo) and Bri Cheml act as your hosts during the 40 minutes show. The agenda for school girls: how to set up and fly a trainer kite; how to set up, launch, and fly the inflatable kite safely; riding the board and staying upwind; and of course: landing safely.

Excellent: The video delivers the needed confidence to learn the sport. It focuses on important safety issues also and provides plenty of kiteboarding action from the pros. Highlighting beautiful ripping women like Nina Heiberg, Rebeca Wolthers, Sheldon Plentovich, Dana Pinto, Fabienne Dortoli, Jody Taliaferro, Erin N. Calmes, Jeanne Rust, Rondi Ballard and others with great action footage from spots such as Maui, Oahu or Mexico.

If you want to learn kiteboarding – go & buy it. If your boyfriend wants to learn the sport – go and buy it. But please keep in mind that the video is just an additional instruction and can by no means replace a professional kitesurfing clinic. And what did we learn from it? Kitegirls are windgirls. And we are all school girls. At least from time to time.

Check out the promo video here! (quicktime video, 7 MB!! - requires fast internet access)