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PWA-tour highlights 2000
OK. We don't want to keep you in suspense too long: This video is really great stuff. Althought we hate the fact that not one of the pros mentionned on the cover is a woman, this tape not only provides radical action, inspiring high-end-moves (like Francisco Goyas perfect double loop or Josh Stones "air spock") and enough sunshine for a feel-good-day, but a lot of humor and entertainment.

Seven stops of the PWA-tour are covered on the video: Maui (wave, 2 events), Gran Canaria and Paros (race), Austria - Lake Neusiedl (freestyle), Fuerteventura (freestyle and race), and Ireland (wave).

PWA World Tour Highlights 2000

Among the windgirls in this video are Jennifer Henderson-Gately, Angela Farrell (Cochran), Karin Jaggi, the Moreno-twins, Colette Guadagnino and Tony Frey. These girls deliver really radical windsurfing-action, as well in the temple of waveriding - Ho'okipa beach - as on the Austrian freestyle-Mekka. See Jennifer almost killing Maui waves and Colette looping without any wave... But: We would have enjoyed much more of "windgirls"-action, not only a few, short cuts.

What makes this video really outstanding is the combination of inspiring high-end-waveriding in Maui and radical freestyle action on places where you and me windsurf most of the time. You see how radical you could sail on places just around the corner and how the inspiration you get from the pros could be set free on your home spot. The scenes of the Austrian freestyle Grand Prix (including some pictures from Vienna, Austria) are without doubt the best 9 minutes of flat-water-action ever. The hottest moves, really SEXY reporting from the parties there and a humorous essay about the so called "lake people" (Brian Talma: "These people are a subculture of our sport!") will make you shove the tape in your VC again and again.

Besides that we hear about windsurf-pros feeling like Cinderella, learn about the size of Bjoern Dunkerbecks liver (teacher Robby Naish) or experience Tony Frey being really nervous before a race. Finian Maynard losing his beachshort is funny at least. But Ant Bakers tongue on the lens of the camera is not really what can make my day.

We were looking for good action for cold winter days. What we found were lots of spray, really cool music, sunshine and Aloha/Lake spirit. Just what the doctor ordered for windsurf addicts. More (windsurfing) women could have made this one of the best videos of all times.

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