Bonaire Beautiful

photo: PWA/Carter

text: Coco Palm Garden

Bonaire -- the B of the ABC islands (Aruba and Curacao are the 2 others) is located just 80 km north of Venezuela. Not the typical tropical island with lush rain forests. Rain is something rather loved because it is so seldom happening. Lots of cactus in different variations, agave and aloe vera are the most seen plants. And yes, there are palm trees on the island, but mostly in private gardens. The average temperature at day time is 29 degrees Celsius and at night it is just slightly cooler. Water temperature at the east coast is just a little lower than the air temperature, at the windsurf spot Sorobon-Lac Bay the temperature of the water is about the same as the air.

The island, about 50 km long and 6 to 14 km wide, is rather under-populated with around 11.000 inhabitants. Towns? There is Kralendijk, the "capital", on the west side and Rincon in the north -- and some houses inbetween them. The west coast is for the divers and snorklers -- turquoise cristal clear water with lots of coral reefs and multi-coloured fishes -- you get the feeling you are swimming in an aquarium!  It is not for nothing that the number plates of the Bonairean cars show "Divers Paradise". There are more than 50 shore dive spots, all easily accessible by car. Absolute diving freedom, diving when and where you want.

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