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"Cruising Scheveningen"
The plane came along from Grand Canaria. I was training and doing the world cup in Pozo, and we were into “cruising the canaries”. As always after a long tour, I was looking forward to returning home, and was telling Daida how cool holland was. The sailing (if you get it right), the bars, the beach and the shopping possibilities. A month later, she arrived with her loverboy Jimmy in Amsterdam.
Here I’m somehow in Holland after the Fuerteventura freetyle event... Funny but true. I decided to come here for “holidays” and to meet with Anna Marie ("Anita" for her friends) for some wave sailing before I would take the road with Jimmy to Switzerland for another freestyle event in Silvaplana.
I had been in Holland for about 10 days, and that was without any sailing. Kites were flying around on the beach and in the water, and from pure boredom I started to fly a kite on the beach as well.
But happily I got saved by the wind. The wind started to blow and the weather got uggly. Unfortunately it got a bit cold and wet for my visitors, but at least I could show Daida that Scheveningen had some potentials sailing-vice.
With 4.0 overpowered I was having a very good time (had to derig to 3.5) and Daida had a tough time with a 4.4. A lot of guys mentioned something like ”shit, those women are ripping these days”. Always good to hear!
I was unstoppable, and sailed with a dinner brake till 21.30.
My stay in Holland was magnificient. I really had a great time with Anita. I had the opportunity to go to her home break and training place in Scheveningen, in the South-West of the Netherlands.
The sailing session was on the 7th. The wind was blowing quite strong, I went out sailing on 4.4 and Anne-Marie on her 4.0. Great port tack side shore wind and half mast high waves, a lot of people around and really good environment. We really had a great time, but after 45 minutes sailing it was almost impossible to hang on to the sail. The wind picked up a lot and we had to give up... At least me. I went back to the hotel, had a comfy shower and some rest...
For dinner time I decided to call Anita, but she still wasn’t there. I decided to go to the surf club and there she was, 9:10 pm and still in the water... J. I think I have to get used to the cold and choppy water before I stay longer there! Anita has improved her sailing a lot the last year, taking the sport really serious and having still the fun-spirit for windsurfing, traveling and competitions. She also likes to do a lot of things apart from that... Like really nice paintings, she also likes to cruise, going to the gym, yoga, eating veggies and protein shakes when she has strong days of sports. Anita likes to cook (really nice food and cakes) and to travel around the world with her boyfriend Scotty McKercher... And of course shopping (boots) with me!! J.
Shopping was fun too.
We were looking for some cool boots for Daida (I already have too many boots and had just been shopping the week before and I can’t do it all the time!).
In stead of one shop, there were 1000s of them.
Daida couldn’t believe it: Too many to choose from, but we managed to get some stuff. (next day we had some orders from mama Ruano and Iballa to get some more…)
We had some party plans as well, but because of my party days before and the pooring rain we decided to cook up at home, make it homy and cosy and bake a cake after a dutch recepy.
The next day, 8th, there were really nice waves for surfing. I woke up late (never on time for the breakfast at 10 am in the hotel) and decided to work a bit on the computer. In the meantime Anita was surfing (she had the best surfing session and the best waves so far in Holland) and me... me behind the computer. In the afternoon we went for a fun running session and then to the gym with Jimmy.
Jimmy was on his way to Switzerland, and because his sails were about to arrive in Zurich, they had to make their way over there.
We had too many plans, and couldn’t do it all, but I am sure, we will do the rest another time. Wheather it will be in the Canaries, Maui or Chile.
We will keep you posted!
Take care and wear a smile on the water,
Daida and Anne-Marie

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 text: Daida Ruano Moreno, Anne-Marie Reichman; photos: Jimmy Diaz; windgirls 2001