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In early summer 1992 I learned Windsurfing in a surfing school at a lake called “Grosses Meer”. Soon I became known as the ‘little surfmonster’ as I went out whatever the conditions where like. Just for fun I applied at the Surf-Academy in St.Peter-Ording and quickly became a member of the so called “Old-Spice-Team” whose Teamleader was Josh Angulo. That got me involved into professional Windsurfing. I won the german F-25 Tour at the age of fourteen and in 1997 had won the German Youth Championship three times. I’ve been training a lot at the “Ro Paal” opposite to Norderney and on the island as well. Competing in so many Events over the year wasnīt what my teachers expected.

With my friends support I managed to maintain a good rank and keep my teachers satisfied. In 1997 I took part in the PWA Worldtour for the first time, competing in several Tour-Events from then on. In 1998 outstanding examination results hindered me from competing in the Worldcup in Sylt, although I did still compete which nearly forced me to drop out of school. That was a difficult time juggling surfing and school, so I finally changed my mind and I quit surfing for the following two years leading many people to wonder about my surfing future.  I graduated in 2000 and have since worked at several TV stations to gain experience for my university course, as it is an entry stipulation.  Currently I’m studying International Information Management but will be back to competing in the PWA-Worldtour and the EUROCUP as much as I can.

date of birth: 23. 1. 1980

nationality: German

profession: student

sponsors: searching for new ones

windsurfing since: 1992, I learned on a little lake called "Grosses Meer" in Germany

best results so far:
German Youth Champion 95,96,97
5th women overall, Germany 97
11th European Championchip 95
Worldchampionchip 96, best Junior
5th PWA Worldcup Sylt Wave 2001

favorite discipline: wavesailing

favorite move: backloop

favorite windsurfing spot: Sylt, Norderney

best music: Paul Simon, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin

last book you have read: university stuff :-(

best film: Good Will Hunting

best food: breakfast

best drink: chocolate milk

Who are your models in windsurfing?
Everybody who surfs in shitty conditions, too. Whatever the weather may be.

What causes you fear? riffs – sooneer or later I rip them, too!

What makes you laugh? people taking themselves too seriously

Windsurfing – better than sex? Why? There are a lot more good waves than there are good boys!

With whom would you like to spend an evening? Paul Simon
Is the sport of windsurfing a macho-sport?
There is a difference between those who live surfing and those who only like its image.
Concerning the latter, yes.
What do you think about the PWA-tour?
What do you think about the PWA-tour? Great! Lots of nice people, competing changes your life. Exciting, you never know where youīre going to be next.
What do you like about the "windgirls"-mag?
It doesnīt only concentrate on the first three women in the world like most of the media does.
Itīs a great mag for all females whose life is dedicated to windsurfing.
Three tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1. Donīt fall in love with your windsurfing instructor!
2. Donīt be afraid, everything looks hard at first!
3. Keep on trying and you’ll succeed sometime!

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