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Ania and her dog 'Luna'
Poland in Pozo

After her PWA debut event in Fuerteventura 2003 Ania Astrowska from Poland still sticks to her two major recipes of success: radical go-for-it-attitude and Pozo (Gran Canary) as a hi wind training base.

age: 21
nationality: Poland
profession: professional windsurfer
sponsors: Simmer, RRD, Dakine
When AND where did you learn how to windsurf?
In 2001 I had great opportunity to go to Maui. l remember the first weeks when I wasn´t able to rig my sail, couldn´t jibe and I was walking upwind all the time. That was quite a challenge for me.
favorite move: Hmm. Hard to tell. I like all the moves I do. They are all fun.

what do you train right now: spocks

favorite windsurfing spot: Pozo, Gran Canaria
best music: Anything except Celine Dion, she drives me nuts. Depends on my mood really.
last book you´ve read: Harry Potter
best film: Quatro 4Play
best food: turkey made by mama - it kicks ass!!!!
best drink: chocolate milk

Who are your models in windsurfing?
I have only one model - Daida. For her determination, fearlessness, performance and perfectionism. She is a legend!!
What causes you fear? I guess a big shark would freak me out and fat hairy spiders. All that kind of stuff.
What makes you laugh? My friends and my dog. (especialy now with the puppies), Simpsons
With whom would you like to spend an evening?
With my parents. I hardly see them now.
Windsurfing - better than sex? Why?
Depends on the conditions.
If you already know it - what do you like about the "windgirls"-mag?
The innovation - this is the first magazine that unites all windgirls.
tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1. watch the Morenos video
2. cut your fingernails
3. go biiig!!!
What does windsurfing mean to you?
It changed my life. It´s cool to see how far you can progress. I meet great people, we have fun and we share our passion together on the water. It gives me freedom. I can do out there whatever I want. Nothing is better.

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