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Dorota Staszewska is world champion in racing. Never heard of her? Well, this is going to change for sure, as Formula Windsurfing is considered to be the future of the racing discipline.
After Dorota had won the Red Bull Formula Windsurfing World Championship in december in Pattaya, Thailand in front of experienced PWA-racer Karin Jaggi, she said: “I feel fantastic. It’s breathtaking! I was expecting a battle and to win by such a margin is like winning an extra prize. I’m very proud.”
date of birth: october 2nd 1978

nationality: Polish

sponsors: Era gsm, AZS UW, Starboard, Reebok, NeilPryde

windsurfing since: 1989, I learned it in Poland and southern France

best results so far:

2000: FWC World Champion, Pattaya, Thailand, IFCA World Champion, Paros, Greece, FWC Polish National Champion, 1. place FWC ERA Gsm cup, 1. place, Ceara Grand Prix, Fortaleza, Brazil, 1. place, Trentino Cup, Lake Garda
1998: IFCA World Champion, Tarifa, Spain, 1. place US Open, Texas, USA, 6th ranked PWA racing
1996: 6 place Olympic Games, Atlanta, USA, Raceboard World Champion, Eilat, Israel
1995: IMCO Youth World Champion, Balaton, Hungary

favorite discipline: Formula Windsurfing

favorite move: bottom turn using the starboard 175 (I did it Fortaleza last year and I have one witness for it)

favorite windsurfing spot: Leba and Jurata in Poland

best music: Jewel, David Bowie

last book you have read: "Harry Potter and philosopher's stone"

best film: Matrix, Joe Black

best food: avocados

best drink: tomato juice

Who are your models in windsurfing? ––

What causes you fear? windsurfing during thunderstorms

What makes you laugh? my dreams

Windsurfing – better than sex? Windsurfing isn't better than sex!

With whom would you like to spend an evening? With my grandfather!

What do you think about the PWA-tour? It's not representative for racing anymore.

Three tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:

learn how to swim and jump into the water first
always start with an experienced instructor in possibly warm locations
always ask for tips and listen to experienced windsurfers around you

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 photos: Brian Kim; windgirls 2001