25 Years Anniversary

As F2 celebrates it's 25th anniversary, the brand also has to be given credit for supporting many professional "windgirls" like Karin Jaggi, Steffi Wahl, Allison Shreeve, Junko Nagoshi, Marie and Nina Edlund Tjernberg. Their contribution to the success story is by all means more than impressive.

25 Years: Julie, Britt & Jutta

F2 Fun & Function, under this new label, Peter Brockhaus, Managing Director Klaus Dreher and Germany's best wave windsurfer and shaper Juergen Hoenscheid crossed to kick off in Wals near Salzburg, Austria. With two boards, the F2 Comet and the longer raceboard F2 Lightning, the brand was presented at the world's biggest sports goods exhibition ISPO in Munich. That was back in 1981.

During the last 25 years women windsurfers have played an important role in the company's success story. Women like Annick Graveline, who got second in the ladies worldcup in 1986, women like Julie de Werd. Britt Dunkerbeck of course, who took the overall title for the first time in 1990 or German teamrider Jutta Mueller, who claimed her first victory in 1991.

Britt Dunkerbeck

Karin Jaggi -
The Champ

12 x PWA Windsurfing World Champion, 7 x IFCA/IWA Windsurfing World Champion, 1 x ISA Speed World Champion and the Outright Speed Sailing World Record (41.25 knots): No question about it – Karin Jaggi is THE female windsurfing champion of our times. Since 1995 the Swiss waterwoman has taken titles in every single discipline including Wave, Race, Speed, Freestyle, Slalom 42, Super-X plus two Overall titles. Watch Karin windsurfing in huge West Australian swell, flying high in Pozo or outclassing her fellow Slalom 42 competitors in Fuerteventura, and you'll find out why.

No other woman windsurfer has ever shown such a memorable combination of success, long lasting spirit and universal windsurfing skills. It is also quite obvious that Karin's impressive career is unique in the world of women windsurfing, comparable perhaps just to male windsurfing legends like Bjorn Dunkerbeck. This means that Karin, who is also one of the most likeable pro girls, the perfect ambassador for her sponsor F2 in the world of women windsurfing. By the way: Unlike other top sailors Karin always uses F2 production boards: The SX XS for racing, the Chilli 99 for freestyle and the Guerilla 69 in the waves.

Steffi Wahl -
The Wave Princess

Steffi, who had started windsurfing at the age of 11 in Southern Germany, now has the Baltic Sea and South African waters as favorite playgrounds. She's smart, always friendly, passionate about her sport, her waveriding style being radical and elegant at the same time – and a perfect demonstration of joy potential. Following a first place at the 2005 Soulwave, Steffi was able to give an excellent performance at the PWA wave event in Gran Canaria 2006 (6th). Steffis favorite board is the Guerilla 69: "Just the best waveboard, super nice to control in all conditions from the Baltic Sea to South Africa!"

Allison Shreeve -
The Racing Queen

2005: Allison Shreeve becomes Formula World Champion with the F2 FX 100 III in Melbourne.

2006: the superfast Australian retains the Formula World Windsurfing title!

Allison, who just has been awarded "Australian Female Sailor of the Year 2006" at a glittering royal gala dinner in Sydney, also wants to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

No question about it: Allison serves as a perfect incarnation of one of F2's core competences: SPEED!

Junko Nagoshi -
The Allrounder

"The girls' level is highly improving so I thought this is the time for me to join the tour." Just two years after this decision (and after being honored as "PWA Rookie of the Year 2005") the Japan born Maui resident already is able to exhibit great results in all disciplines. Junkos breakthrough came at the super-X competition on Lanzarote 2005, where she almost won the first ever women’s superX world title, finally got second. Junko favors the F2 Guerilla 69 2007: "Hookipa, Kanaha, Pozo – this board works everywhere. With thinner rails it makes wave turns a lot easier. Smooth and natural."

Nina & Marie
Edlund Tjernberg -
The Next Generation

Marie and Nina live next to the sea. With parents being passionate windsurfers themselves the attractive sisters enjoyed a perfect kick start in windsurfing. And they learn fast, very fast...

F2 supports the two young talents as a sponsor and once again honors the importance of investments in the future of windsurfing. By the way a strategy that already pays off:

Marie just won the Swedish Wave Championships 2006!

Boards for Success

Have you ever had the chance to try the F2 Chilli (freestyle) or Guerilla (wave) boards? If yes, you will have found out how perfectly these boards work on the water, and the great results of the F2 ladies team give evidence, too. For example with the Guerilla 69 serving as a perfect toy for lighter ladies, not only Steffi and Junko show that there are literally no limits to women in waves.

At the same time F2 dominates the "fast" disciplines – Speed and Slalom42 – in an impressive way. With Karin Jaggi, Verena Fauster and Allison Shreeve the F2 ladies leave no space for other brands on the PWA Slalom42 podium in 2006. The same can be said about the recent IFCA Slalom Championships in Turkey, where Verena Fauster took the title. Allison Shreeve in turn retains her Formula World Windsurfing title in 2006. And Karin Jaggi still holds the Outright Speed Sailing World Record with 41.25 knots.

One of the most important "ingredients" of this formula of success is F2 shaper Patrik Diethelm. Being an excellent windsurfer in ALL disciplines himself, he knows exactly which shapes work well on the water and which don't. In close cooperation with his friend Karin Jaggi Patrik also keeps a close look on the ladies as a target group, the rebirth of the legendary F2 board Sunset Slalom (an awesome board if you are into freeriding!) also giving evidence to that fact. Last but not least the F2 ladies team takes it as an affair of honor to use only production boards in competition – unlike other top sailors in other brands.

Yes, F2 takes women windsurfing seriously and the support for many top ladies proves it. The F2 ladies make a difference to the sport of windsurfing and make it easy for F2 to confess: Women are important for the future of windsurfing.

Happy Birthday, F2!



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