Junko Nagoshi

Gran Canaria, photo: PWA/CarterLanzarote superX, photo: PWA/Carter
Rookie of the Year

Many people outside the inner circles of competitve windsurfing finally became aware of Junko Nagoshi (J-11) when she lost this years superX race in Lanzarote (and thus the world championship) after falling over the very last obstacle, just close to the finishing line. But Junko, who describes herself as both passionate and calm, was still able to give a very strong promise for the future. Being awarded the "2005 PWA Rookie of the Year" award and with F2 having joined "my support team" the 30 year old Japanese "windgirl" (born on May 1 1975) is definitely one of the major talents to watch for the years to come.

The PWA about Junko:
"In the women’s department Junko Nagoshi (J-11) made a very strong impression as a newcomer in wave performance, freestyle and superX. Starting off on Maui at the Jeep Hawaii Pro, Nagoshi set the tone for things to come with a solid fifth place at Hookipa’s holy windsurfing grounds. Next in Pozo’s radically different conditions, Nagoshi kept up the pace by taking another fifth place overall in waves and as the wave contest in Sylt could unfortunately not be finished, her fifth place in the 2005 overall wave rankings was a firmly established fact. In freestyle Japan’s leading PWA lady scored another fifth place in Pozo’s wild winds, while in Lanzarote she proved she knows how to handle lighter winds as well by taking seventh place overall. In the process she managed to take down Iballa Moreno in the second round double elimination. These two event results brought her a fifth place in the overall 2005 freestyle ranking list.
Nagoshi’s big breakthrough came at the superX competition on Lanzarote where her racing experience really came into play. With incredible speed and skills around the obstacle course, J-11 was well on her way to winning the first ever women’s superX world title by winning two out of six finals and performing very well in the remaining heats. While she just missed out on the gold in the very last race, Nagoshi sailed away an amazing second place overall, setting the tone for her years to come on the PWA world tour."
photo: PWA/Carter photo: Roxy
Daida Moreno about Junko:
“I’ve known Junko for quite a few years now. It has taken me a while to convince her to join the PWA, but she finally did after training really hard on freestyle and waves as she used to do only racing before. Junko is a great role model; she’s the most organized girl I’ve ever met with a never dying “go for it” attitude. She’s funny, super focused and highly consistent. She has definitely shown all the girls what they can achieve at the top level by being prepared, determined and motivated. Her second place in Super X is nothing compared to what she is about to achieve soon, so congratulations to her for winning the Rookie of the Year award. Keep it up.”

Interview by Andy:

Junko, you just have been announced as the winner of the 2005 PWA Rookie of the Year award. What does this mean to you?
I think this is a great award for starting! And I want to thank all my sponsors, family and friends for their support!

Which discipline and which conditions do you like most?
For free sailing I like waves most, especially in side-off shore winds with head high wave conditions. For competitions I like superX or slalom racing.
Daida said: "It has taken me a while to convince her to join the PWA." Why did you hesitate?
You know it is very expensive to travel around the world to compete, especially from Maui. Financially it has been difficult for me. Also until previous year, although top ranking girls were in super high level, I saw not many girls were competing in PWA. I was thinking it is not worth spending money and time. But this year there are over 20 girls in each discipline and over all more than 30 girls are competing in PWA. Girls level is highly improving so I thought this is the time for me to join the tour. Daida is helping me a lot not only windsurfing skill but everything. Without her help I would not have joined the tour.

photo: PWA/Carter

You are said to be very professional, very focused and motivated, even more than many others on the tour. How come? And how would you describe yourself to others?
I don't know why some people think like that. I don't think I am something special. To me almost all the other top girls are looked very professional, very focused and motivated. Maybe I am good at prepare for competition because I used to race a lot before, I learned how important the preparation is.

This year at the Lanzarote superX you lost the world championship title literally in the last second, but still this event was a great success for you... Do you still regret these missed opportunity or did it just make you "more hungry"?
It is just game. You make a mistake and you lose something. That is the way competition is. That is why it is exciting. Of course I was very upset that moment when I lost the title but same time I enjoyed very much and nothing to regret about. I will work harder for next year.

Thanks for the interview, Junko.

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photos: Ch.Oreve/Sideshoremedia, Y.Langeron, A. Blanch, PWA/Carter windgirls 2005