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A Valk in the (Beach)Park

sponsors: van der Valk hotels and restaurants

age: 20

where do you live: on Bonaire

when did you start windsurfing?
last year after king of the caribbean 2002. I saw the guys and girls doing their things and thought by myself... I can do that too!!!
how much competitons untill now? 3
are you satisfied with your 5th place at the worldcup Bonaire?
Yes of course, I was very happy with some of my heats. I never thought this could happen after not even one year of windsurfing. It was the first time competing in a worldcup for me. It was very exciting. But it was a very cool experience. And I am not gonna leave it with just this one.

do you want to compete more worldcups? Yes I am sure of that!

what do you think about the twins and Karin?
I think it was great to meet them and I learned a lot from looking and listening to them. Not only in the windsurfing but also their behaviour afterwards (interviews etc.)
how did you like the week at the worldcup in bonaire (people, organisation, competition...)?
It was fun, a lot of very funny people. The organisation was good and the competition was even better.
favorite move: I don't really have one yet. I think at the moment air duck jibe.

on which move are you training: vulcan, grubby, flaka.

what are your plans for the future:
school, windsurfing, competition. I am training hard every day now. I want to keep going upwards. I don't have any more school plans. Only windsurfing.

how often are you windsurfing: As much as possible, probably every day!

do you have other hobbies? wave surfing, wave sailing, scubadiving, fishing, singing.

why do you think that not so many girls are doing windsurfing?
Maybe because it is a tough sport and there is not a lot of attention for what the girls are doing. And of course it is hard for girls to get sponsors.
3 tipps for girls who want to  learn windsurfing:
Keep your head up, never give up and if they say you can't do it, work even harder to make it.
What you always wanted to say? Power to the people ;)

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photos: Tanja Emig/Olympus windgirls 2004