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The famous architect from Lanzarote: sight from Manrique's living room!


La Santa






Jameos del Agua


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Island of Fire

Lanzarote is the wildest of the Canary Islands. Born through Volcano activity, and shaped by fire. In the heart of the island the famous "Montaņas de Fuego" (Fire Mountains)-National Park is a dramatic witness to past devastations, when the lava ended numerous lifes under it's deadly heat during the last centuries.

Today we witness incredible beauty, the colours of the earth – black, brown and red. And we find excellent conditions for surfing and windsurfing. Steffi Wahl and her boyfriend have visited this black beauty.

by Steffi Wahl

Winter in Kiel, Germany, itīs cold, rainy and miserable with two degrees water temperature and I need a lot of ravenous hunger to go windsurfing at the Baltic Sea. I want some sunlight and warm water in January to get enough energy for the last exams before the holidays in March and 2 days later I got a ticket to Lanzarote, Canary Islands for 120 € for one week together with my boyfriend.

Itīs the first time that we travel to Lanzarote, we only heard some rumors that itīs better for surfing than for windsurfing. Anyway, I never travel without my waveboards!

Arriving at Lanzarote we get a great impression of the friendly people and the really unreal effect of the island, with itīs jagged volcanic stones. Our rental car, a green Opel Corsa , is going to be our home for seven days and we start to discover the island.

On the first day, there is no wind at all and we move to the northwest of the island to catch some swell for surfing. In Famara we find a nice reefbreak with a lot of really good locals on this clean, long wave. We watch some great surfing action and drive along the westcoast to La Santa.

Long waves turning around a neck of land and a great sunset with a colourful sky welcome us. Itīs just incredible to wear shorts in january that I almost forget the snowy and cold Germany. Rasmus, our windsymbol, has mercy with us on the next two days of our short trip to Lanzarote. A moderate northeast trade wind blows and we are the only windsurfers for two hours at a spot called “ Jameos del Agua”. For tourists itīs a great attraction because of some caves in the volcano, but we are fascinated by 2-3 m waves on the atlantic ocean.

Jameos del Agua is incredible for windsurfing, especially waveriding. Clean, long waves invite us to go rippinī the whole day. In the afternoon some locals join our waveriding and they tell us that there was no wind at all during the past five weeks. We are so happy and lucky to get wind and sun in only one week! Check out Lanzarote for windsurfing and surfing. Itīs fantastic!


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