home     word wrap: Lourdes Molina Rando, E-20
date of birth: december 1th 1969

nationality: Spanish

sponsors: Asisa, Neil Pryde, no work team, Aybar

windsurfing since: since I was 15, I learned it in Malaga, Spain

best results so far: 1998 Tarifa World Windsurfing Champions finalist in board series category (slalom), 1997 and 1995 Spanish race champion, 1999 2. place Spanish freestyle championship

favorite discipline: wave

favorite move: forward loop

favorite windsurfing spot: in Spain: Tarifa, Torrox, Chilches Costa. Worldwide: Essaouira, Marroco, Maui

best music: blues, new age, classic music

last book you have read: "Las Piramides de Egipto" from Emmanuel Barcelo

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best film: "Desperado" with Antonio Banderas

best food: Spanish Omelete and Porra Antequerana

best drink: Spanish red wine (Rioja)

Who are your models in windsurfing? all people who love this sport

What causes you fear? nothing!

What makes you laugh? to wake up early in the morning and see my favorite spot waiting for me

Windsurfing – better than sex? no!

With whom would you like to spend an evening?
always with my husband Nacho, but I think... that... with Antonio Banderas... ;-)

What do you like about the "windgirls"-mag? it's the best thing that could have been done

Three tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:

have patience!
have no fear!
be happy!

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 photos: Rick Leeks, J.I. Cazorla; windgirls 2001