Daida and Iballa Ruano Moreno

Iballa and Daida
"We want to help new girls
in our sport!"


With almost no chance left for this year's freestyle title (after injuries early this year) the Pozo-twins will fight now for the wave-crown. And Daida even comes back into racing.
Andy Aichinger wanted to find out about their goals behind the scenes of the PWA-tour.

Iballa and Daida

Daida, I heard you are planing to do some racings this year? After a break in 1999. What was the background of this decision?

Daida: Right now Iīm in a training group together with Francisco Goya, Micah Buzianis and Jimmy Diaz. We have the same coach. They helped me to realise that it will help me for my freestyle and wave performance and the development of my sailing in general. I also want to try to bring some more girls into the PWA tour for next year. And Iīm working on some plans to achieve this goal, one of them was to go to some racing events in America. We want to help girls to make the first steps in competitive windsurfing, first convince them, see how they are doing, help them to get sponsors, give advice on travelling and all kind of stuff. Iīm looking forward to the Canarian tour (Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura). And the production boards championship in Portugal.

Unfortunately you got hurt before this event. Hard to sit on the beach?

Yes, as a matter of fact. Besides that Iīm very impressed. I didnīt expect that, the event is so well organised and there have been perfect conditions out there for freestyle. And so many spectators. I  didnīt expect that huge crowds and all the top sailors here. I think here is a big market.
And: I never had the opportunity to sail on a lake. It looks like we are quite improving our freestyle, our sailing in general. Iīve been training freestyle really hard. I knew about this event since a couple of months ago and I was training really hard in freestyle – until I brook my foot in Hookipa. But Iīm gonna be here next year for sure. Itīs seems to be really fun over here. And the weather, I didnīt expect that warm temperatures at this time of the year. All the girls are really happy.

How can you help to encourage more women to windsurf and to have more female action?

First of all everybody has to start with something. I started with nothing and slowly, slowly you get sponsors and thatīs really hard at the beginning. But if you REALLY want to become a professional windsurfer my advice is you just have to train and get better. Enjoy the time on the water, concentrate on the sailing and you will get better every day.

What are your goals for this year?

I want to win!

Daida, Iballa


Iballa, what do you think about having windsurf competitions on places like a lake in Austria?

Iballa: Itīs perfect. A lot of people, it is important to show the average windsurfer that you can do some radical sailing on a lake, too. The other windsurfers told me they had a lot of fun there: The sailing right at the beach, the warm weather. The girls had a lot of fun, too – and I missed it ...

Like your twin sister Daida you got hurt before this first freestyle-event?

It happened in Gran Canaria when I did a table top. It was very windy. My back foot went out of the foodstrap, the result: I twisted my ankle.


What are your dreams for this year?

I want to win the waves and freestyle discipline. After I missed the event in Austria due to my injury with only one more freestyle to go in Fuerteventura I think the freestyle in gone. But I will figth very hard to defend my wave title.


You are one of the youngest world champions in history. Did the title change your life in any respect?

I guess the title payed off in terms of sponsors.


What has happened to your hair?

L'oreal made a hairstyle to me. Itīs called the "twins wave". I havenīt seen myself, and I donīt want to.


Will you party hard tonigth?

I will try to, why not? Iīm also here for that!

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