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Surfing. Shining. Snorkeling.

Nori Hubbs, 33 years and Canadian born, is a full power windgirl. Nori has been training mostly on Maui and the Gorge for the past 3 years, and has been coaching women's clinics on Maui and on the West Coast for the past year. She has been competing in freestyle and wave events for the past 2 years, with her victory at last years Gorge games being her best result so far. Nori is being considered one of the most talented windsurfing women around, always positive, always shining. Perhaps Nori is one of the last Divas in the sport.

photo: Carter/PWA photo: Ezzy/Wong
date of birth: 18-10-1969

nationality: Canadian

sponsors: Ezzy, Quatro Hawaii, DaKine, PowerX/HPL, Go Fast, Keanon

when and where did you learn the sport: Ottawa River in the mid 80’s – the no wind capital of Canada!
best results so far: 2nd Place Women’s Overall US Freestyle Tour 2000, 1st Gorge Games 2002, 3rd King of the Cape 2002
favorite discipline: spanking!
favorite move: hitting the lip!
favorite windsurfing spot: Ho'okipa

last book you have read: A Star Called henry – by Roddy Doyle

best music: The In Sound From Way Out – Beasites!
best film: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
best food: anything from the pauwela Cafe
best drink: smoothies!
Who are your models in windsurfing?
Jocelyn Hrkach for her killer attitude, Jen Henderson for her inspirational wave-sailing

What causes you fear? snorkeling

What makes you laugh? my friends

Windsurfing – better than sex? Yes – your board doesn't talk back!

About boyfriends:
No, I don't have a boyfriend right now. There are lots of boys here on Maui. But as the saying goes: "The odds are good, but the goods are odd." Or maybe I'm the odd one... Whichever, I'm really happy being on my own right now. Yes, independant Nori is happy!
With whom would you like to spend an evening?
My grandfather – I was too young to realize what an interesting person he was while he was alive.
Is the sport of windsurfing a macho-sport? No – girls kick ass!
What do you think about the PWA-tour? I don't know anything about it
What do you like about the windgirls magazine?
I like the idea of girls working together to encourage more women to excel in the sport
Three tips for GIRLS who want to learn windsurfing:
1) Buy your own equipment and have your own quiver – try to keep your rig as light as possible. Most production boards aren’t designed for women.
So as you advance, it’s important to look for a board that is small enough with much thinner rails than the norm.
2) Take windsurfing trips!
3) Have fun and enjoy life!

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   photos: Ezzy Sails/Wong, Carter/PWA, Windsurfing Magazine windgirls 2003